[i ate] dim sum

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a compound created when you digest cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts (1, 2).Research suggests that DIM affects estrogen levels in your body ... DIM is a shorthand way to refer to diindolylmethane, which is a component found in cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. There has been a lot of buzz around DIM because scientists are excited about the connection between diindolylmethane and its effect on cancers. Best Dim Sum in Fort Myers, Southwest Gulf Coast: Find 586 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of THE BEST Dim Sum and search by price, location, and more. What's DIM? Weapons. Forgot to grab your favorite hand cannon? Just click and drag it to your active character. Gear. Need those STOMP-EE5 for the jumping puzzle? Fire up DIM and grab them. Loadouts. Create the perfect loadout for Raids, Strikes, Gambit, and any other loadout that would be helpful. DIM IS A MUST HAVE FOR MEN TOO - For men, DIM may help reduce excess estrogen and aid with physical fitness, prostate health, gynecomastia, energy, and weight loss; As an estrogen blocker, DIM supplements are a powerful aromatase inhibitor The widest choice of lingerie, tights and underwear for women and men on DIM.comDIM What is DIM Supplement? A DIM supplement is a nutritional supplement composed of a phytochemical that our body naturally produces by breaking down a compound in our diet. More specifically, DIM (diindolylmethane) is produced when we eat cruciferous vegetables, which are often recommended in a healthy diet. There is a compound in cruciferous ... Why dim jandy? G.o.a.t.s!!! Great Outdoors! Great energy! We offer an option to practice yoga with the cutest, friendliest, greatest of all time goats you'll ever meet. They love people and they love yoga! Yoga not only improves your body, but also helps with mindfulness and meditation. Take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself ... Ginger Bistro - Authentic Chinese Cuisine, Hong Kong Style BBQ & Dim Sum. Visit us at 4650 Cleveland Ave. #8, Fort Myers, FL 33907. Tel: (239) 689-3113 DIM hasn't loaded. Something may be wrong with it, or with your browser (maybe you have a content blocker, or have disabled JavaScript, or your browser is too old). Try force reloading to make sure (Ctrl-F5 or ⌘-Shift-R).

2021.12.04 19:23 Revolutionary_Mix941 [i ate] dim sum

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2021.12.04 19:23 skimask313 Ex-alcoholics and drug addicts don’t deserve the praise they get

Just because you overcame an addiction doesn’t make you a tough hero. There’s people that went through the toughest battles and didn’t resort to substance abuse. Those are the people that deserve a praise not someone who ran to alcohol to avoid their problems.
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2021.12.04 19:23 uwuowl Ludwig didn't actually get banned on yt

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2021.12.04 19:23 DevNDevelopment Dog Boarding Recommendations

Looking to board my dogs for less than a week. Any good recommendations?
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2021.12.04 19:23 manix__s NEED AN ACTRESS

If anyone interested to do an act for a music video for rap music then do DM me .(Preferably female).
Video will be out on youtube and all other major platforms. DM me
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2021.12.04 19:23 sassafrasgloves Please put the perfect star icon back on the kill feed

That is one thing I miss about Halo 5, hopefully we see it back in the future
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2021.12.04 19:23 Capable-Tiger4860 When do people talk to each other at bars? Especially if you go with friends

I like going to bars with friends, but as a single male in his early 20s, would like to talk to girls there as well. But when do people meet other people at bars? Like do I just ditch my friends and go talk to a girl when she’s with a group of her friends?
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2021.12.04 19:23 pearlimbo My bf doesn’t want me to go to the club with my friends (kinda)

This might be dumb but me (F21) and my bf (M20) are arguing about it. My bf goes to the club with his (single) friends all the time. I’m planning my first night out with my girl friends (all taken btw) since I started dating my bf 2 years ago and we wanna go to the club. For some context: in my country you have to pay to enter the club and then pay for drinks separately, which are really pricey. Another alternative is getting your own table and a bottle, which costs hundreds of euros. However in Milan there are people that work with clubs (they get a commission for every person they bring in) that let you come to their table for only 10€ or so. You’ll have to share the bottle with a lot of other people but it’s still better than just entering the classic way. This is really common especially among uni students, nothing weird or shady about it, it’s business. We’ve known this guy for years and we’ve been to his table multiple times. He’s never been inappropriate or tried to flirt with us. He’s always been nice and you can see that he’s there just to make money, not to flirt with girls. He usually just greets us and then go about his business, we spend like 10 minutes total with him during the entire night. Tables aren’t located in a private area, they’re at the side of the dance floor and visible. We spend the majority of the night on the dance floor and only go to the table when the staff bring the bottle/s. My bf says that it’s not appropriate for me to go to this guy’s table because he doesn’t know him, which to me doesn’t make any sense. First of all, it’s actually more likely that men will hit on me while I’m on the dance floor rather than while I’m sitting on the couch. Also, when he goes out his friends bring girls to their table all the time and once he even slept in a random house while his friend was having sex with a girl in the other room and only told me the following morning. I feel like he’s been in shadier situations (I never said anything because I wanna trust him), so he can’t complain about this. Plus, I’ve never given him any reason to not trust me. I don’t have male friends and rarely hang out with my female friends, I’m always at home alone. I can’t afford to enter the regular way and I just want to spend one night having fun with my friends after such a long time. I want to know if he’s right and it would be inappropriate for me to go or if he’s overreacting and I should just go.
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2021.12.04 19:23 atomic_mermaid ETID have cancelled the last 3 dates of this tour run

I hope whatever's going on in the ETID camp gets sorted soon, they all seem like they're all over the place.
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2021.12.04 19:23 xxshadowflare What's with all the crashes?

Not sure if it's a switch dependant thing or if it's something about how I'm playing, but holy crêpe do I crash a lot on the switch.
Both pausing and changing maps seems to be a gamble on whether I'll crash or not. Note that I only crash when pausing due to pause buffering the crystal challenges so I take that as my fault either way as that could easily not be caught during development / testing.
How's the PC version or other platforms anyway? Are they as bad for crashing and it's a more switch exclusive kind of thing or is it common to crash everywhere else as well?
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2021.12.04 19:23 This-Tumbleweed2327 That’s one lousy fortune.

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2021.12.04 19:23 Zestyclose_Ad7298 My one-year-old pomski won’t eat meat. Has anyone else experienced this? If I add broccoli or cauliflower, she picks it out and just eats the vegetables.

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2021.12.04 19:23 kedi7nickimi İyi geceler...

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2021.12.04 19:23 nai3b Best city in Poland for NYE *this year*?

This question might get different answers at other noncovid times. Are there any cities that have outright canceled celebrations? If as of now most cities seem to have a celebration(s), what would you recommend? My default might have been Krakow, but we are leaving Krakow on Dec 28 to go to Wroclaw until Dec 30th and would lose a little money to rearrange the trip (unless Krakow is the top choice..). So stay in Wroclaw over NYE? Change the trip to be in Krakow then instead? Or another city?
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2021.12.04 19:23 lmvicente_ CompTIA's Security+ - should I get the 501 or the 601?

So I recently got a $1200 course pack from BleepingComputer for $9.00 for security certificates which include Pentest+, CySA+, and Security+. I decided to aim for the Security+ first and noticed there was a 501 and a 601 course.
I looked it up: https://www.comptia.org/blog/comptia-security-501-vs-601
So I guess my question here is --
If I was planning for my AWS Developer cert, which would you guys recommend from the Secutiry+ tests to pair with? Or do you guys think it doesn't matter?
Here is a quick comparison between the two.
CompTIA Security+ 501 Exam Domains

  1. Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities (21%)
  2. Technologies and Tools (22%)
  3. Architecture and Design (15%)
  4. Identity and Access Management (16%)
  5. Risk Management (14%)
  6. Cryptography and PKI (12%)
CompTIA Security+ 601 Exam Domains
  1. Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities (24%)
  2. Architecture and Design (21%)
  3. Implementation (25%)
  4. Operations and Incident Response (16%)
  5. Governance, Risk and Compliance (14%)

Also, for those who are looking for the course deal -- I don't think I can post the link but I'm sure you guys can give it a Google search and find it ..
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2021.12.04 19:23 Relative_Enchilada Help me win some money to afford diapers and wipes!

Im a newly single mom with a 7month old daughter! I work full time and I struggle to afford diapers, wipes, and baby food.
Please vote for my daughter Bell! Bell’s photo contest
You can vote once every 10 minutes up to 10 times a day!
Anything helps, thank you!
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2021.12.04 19:23 HealthMagazine365 Living 40 Years Off Grid Alone – “The Snow Guardian”

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2021.12.04 19:23 Nasapigs I crafted the garbage saxton hale mask twice and didnt get the achievement either time?

I crafted the first one with haunted quality masks and so figured maybe that was why but then i crafted again and it still didnt give it to me???
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2021.12.04 19:23 itaicool Need help with laning mid

So I am plat 2 but I feel like it's all from macro and i'm shit at lane I don't know how to improve my laning I feel like my opponent is always better than me at lane and then I win by having better macro but I want to know how to get better at lane and be able to contest it
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2021.12.04 19:23 angiecali saw this on a mutual friend’s ig post and not sure what to think

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2021.12.04 19:23 mayners cars lifted for double yellow line-painting then fined

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2021.12.04 19:23 DiameterJuice Oh, yes...

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2021.12.04 19:23 imperioclosefriends GRUPO TELEGRAM

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2021.12.04 19:23 vmaurya7 Sink (a poem)

Swimming wildly in an endless sea,
my limbs flailing and failing me.
Once a strong swimmer, so stable and sure.
Now directionless, and without a shore.
What happened to that land, which I called my home?
What happened to finitude?
How far have I roamed?
Now I am weary.
My body is weak.
I won’t tread any longer.
I’m too exhausted to seek.
I sink to the bottom of an infinite sea,
The darkness envelopes what was formerly me.
I gasp my last breath, the self’s feeble cry,
I let myself go. I let myself die.
My body sprouts gills on each side of its face.
My arms turn to fins. My legs fuse in place.
With smooth undulations I race through the sea,
finally forgetting what was formerly me.
I had let myself drown, the final release.
I was never a human; I was always a feeeesh!
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2021.12.04 19:23 kruucks Trek 950 with some modern (mismatched) touches

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