Early Christmas work for my buddy finally done! (I travel a lot so it’s a bit rushed and still have to add the airborne lettering)

2021.12.04 19:49 Scilent-letter Early Christmas work for my buddy finally done! (I travel a lot so it’s a bit rushed and still have to add the airborne lettering)

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2021.12.04 19:49 Necessary_Shopping17 Any way to print out different passport pictures sizes? For instance I do know that there are other options for different countries on the kiosk but it’ll still get cut out ina 2x2 by cutter

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2021.12.04 19:49 SHAWNSHAWNAOE Please let me know if my strategy is right

In these two weeks I'm going to take each day: 2 capsules of Oregano Oil, 2 capsules of Berberine, 1 capsule of Saccharomyces Boulardii. Diet: White Rice, Zucchini, Spinach, Green Bell Pepper. Only.
Is it good enough to bring SIBO to extinction?
Additional information: This whole SIBO started when I had to take antibiotics (Doxycycline) to treat an infection 3.5 months ago, ever since I've been sick. Doctors thought I might have traveler's disease so they treated me with 3 different antibiotics. (Rifaxamin was one of them, just for one week, they still didnt know back then that I have SIBO, it had barely any impact) The latter antibiotic was Metronidazole/Flagyl which actually brought me to a much better place last week, still having symptoms but significantly less gas/messy stools. Does anyone has a clue what happened there?
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2021.12.04 19:49 SocialMediaModelz Mercedes Blanche Upskirt Big Boobs and Commando

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2021.12.04 19:49 Natenate315 Team help? Having trouble on this z battle

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2021.12.04 19:49 Alohamora-hello Retired boxing superstar floyd Mayweather Jr. may be visiting the Philippines Soon to help his nemesis and fellow great sen. Manny Pacquiao with latter's presidential campaign - ANC 24/7

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2021.12.04 19:49 DiamondWav Free R&B Loop Kit

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2021.12.04 19:49 FwDorisdavenport132 Can you envision an ISTP having some emotional attachment to a girl who sent him comforting messages when he was suicidal?

Like when he was posting abt it to his stories she sent messages letting him know she cared abt him
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2021.12.04 19:49 samharper89 Nearly 40-year-old manchild roommate I lived with during COVID

I feel the need to vent about this guy. What I have noticed, is that even though we quit living together six months ago, he still keeps randomly popping up in my head. And not in a good "Oh, he was so great" kind of way. But more like a "That guy was such an immature asshole and how does he even manage to function in society" kind of way. It still blows my mind to this day, and hopefully writing out my frustrations will help me process all of this.
Back in March of 2020, everyone at my company received pay cuts as a result of COVID, and access to the office had been shut down. I was already living in a nice place downtown so I could be close to work, and I had some debts I needed to take care of (credit card and student loan), and since I was no longer location bound and needed more affordable accommodations, I figured it was time to start looking for a new place in a cheaper part of town and possibly get a roommate. I also had a cat, so I wanted to make sure I could get a place that would allow them. Then I found my (then) 38-year-old roommate (let's call him "John") who also has cats and was offering a room in his apartment. It looked nice, the price was quite decent, and he seemed like a good person at our first meeting.
A couple of red flags I noticed were: A. He was unemployed (at the time). I expressed my concern about him paying rent, and he assured me that would not be a problem. I also figured it's happening during a pandemic, so it's OK to cut him some slack, especially since he works in tech and normally makes good money.
B. Another roommate was moving out, and I was taking her remaining 5 months on the lease. Again, I gave him the benefit of the doubt (which I shouldn't have), since I assumed it was a personality conflict that (from what John told me, it sounded like it was pretty much all her fault, but after having lived with him I really question that, and I feel like his bullshit played a huge role in her decision to leave). I also figured that if he really drives me nuts, I can leave once the remaining 5-month lease is over.
After having lived with him a few months, I noticed some red flags. For one thing, he NEVER took care of his health (aside from taking his insulin, however his diet definitely did not help with that), and sometimes he would not even brush his own teeth. He was clearly overweight when I met him, but I didn't think too much of it until I saw all of the crap he puts in his body on a daily basis. Like, this guy would drink a CASE of diet coke every single DAY (like the kind you would buy for a party for multiple people). As in, 12 cans of Diet Coke. Per day. And apparently, he had been doing this for years and years, and I honestly think it had been going on for more than at least a decade. He would also eat either fast food regularly (Carls Jr and Panda Express were basically staples in what he ate). He would also order donuts and Crumbl cookies nearly every single day, and eat almost all of them himself. And when he was not putting pure garbage in his body, he would eat large quantities of food. Like, we would go out to dinner, and he would order two meals and an appetizer (plus his Diet Coke, of course) and eat all of it in one sitting. You know the "See food; I see it and I eat it" memes you find on the internet? That's John in a nutshell.
On another note, he also has no freaking idea how cringey he can be. One time, he was telling a story about a restaurant in a bad part of town he was in, and he said "It was super shady and ghetto; I was the only white guy in the restaurant". And he told me this story three freaking times (because he forgot that he told me due to his memory lapses). And then we went to a ramen restaurant, and he told this story to our server, who was Asian. AAAAGH DUDE, STOP. This is coming from someone who claims to be super Black Lives Matter positive and argued with me as to why the small businesses that were damaged during some of the riots were justified in being destroyed. Or how he is such a strongly rooted athiest that he literally told me that "he is sure that people who are religious have a lower IQ than people who are athiest". I tried to laugh it off, but jesus man. Try to be a bit more open-minded. I couldn't help but notice that he would always complain that "no one understands him or his sense of humor", and yet I never once heard him try to understand the point of view of anyone who he even slightly disagreed with. As far as he was concerned, people of the opposing political party are idiots. People who believe in religion are idiots. People who don't like his food photos on Instagram are idiots. And on and on. He never once tried to start a healthy conversation with someone of an opposing viewpoint as his. He just brushed them off as mentally inferior and moved on with his day.
Secondly, he would complain A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. And it was always about dumb shit that didn't really matter, or things that were well within his control to change and he didn't. For instance, he would frequently complain about being fat, his joints aching, his lapses in memory, his bizarre sleep schedule, and his constant lack of energy. But he was the one who made himself so grossly overweight and unhealthy, with bad habits he developed over his life and never really changed. Keep in mind, I have nothing against overweight people, and I think it's awesome for the people who realize they have a problem and actively work at getting better, like eating healthy, doing portion control, going to the gym, etc. But he never did any of those things, and he would complain about the side effects, and keep doing it. And whenever I called him out on his bad diet, he would aggressively assert some flawed argument, like "Aspartame isn't real sugar and it isn't actually bad for you". Uhh, it's linked to cancer, diabetes (which he also has, surprise surprise), memory loss, aggression issues and mood swings (which he also experiences) and other things. It was like watching someone who was clearly sick, drink gasoline every day, and then complain about feeling nauseous, vomiting, and feeling light-headed. And when you suggest that drinking gasoline is probably what is making them feel sick, they discount your feedback and dig in their heels, and keep doing it. Hell, he even made fun of me for drinking water (I don't drink soda), so he was basically poking fun at me for being healthier than he is?
Or like when he threw a fit because he was unable to get the latest Iphone. Or he would complain about things that were completely out of his control, like COVID, politics, etc. I mean, I see myself as liberal too, but I couldn't stand how much negative news this guy would fixate on on a daily basis, and then send those news links to me and try to suck me into it. Or when he was playing Heavy Rain, and I quietly looked up who the Oragami Killer was without telling him at all; I looked it up for my curiosity (while he was playing my PS4 on my TV), and he began to verbally berate and abuse me, short of another one of his explosive Mt St Helens outbursts (more on that later on in the post) over something that would basically be a non-issue to any rational person.
The biggest thing that really grated on me was after he got a job, he was offered a $120k base salary with a startup. And he went from complaining about being unemployed (that's understandable, and I have been there myself before) to complaining about how he wasn't making "enough" money. And he would do this. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. For months and months on end (until he eventually got fired seven months into his job. For what, I don't know. But I assume there was more going on that he was at fault for than he was willing to admit, or was even aware of himself). And he knew I was making half that much, had a ton of debt, and I was reasonably happy with making that salary, and he would still complain to me about his six figure salary. It's like this guy has absolutely no tact. He knew my situation, and he would still bitch and complain to me about this daily, hoping I would give him some sympathy because the poor wee little baby wasn't getting enough of an already incredibly high salary *rolls eyes*.
He also had this tendency of acting really childish where he was aware that he was acting like a child, like singing loud in a really annoying voice, laughing incredibly loud (with the obvious intent of being as obnoxious as possible), inviting himself to things I was doing to get away from him (ironically), like going for walks, going to the community hot tub, etc. Or pestering me in various ways, using his stupid annoying voice he puts on. And for some damn reason, he thought this incredibly obnoxious shit he would do was "charming". Where he got that idea, I have no clue.
He has one and only friend (no joke, in his now 40 years of being alive, he has only ever kept and maintained one friend, and he has pissed her off countless times too). And she calls him "the little brother she never wanted", which he finds fucking hillarious for some reason. And he would get offended when I did something like closed the door, because I didn't want to hear him obnoxiously talk/singing in his three year old voice in the living room as loud as possible (which he would do when he was trying to joke around). This guy literally acted like a three year old at times and thought he was so damn charming and funny because he would (apparently) make himself laugh. But I, as I am sure other people do, find him to be horribly, dreadfully obnixious. He also hated it if I farted in the apartment even though it would just suddently happen and I wasn't trying to force it out (he would loudly shame me for that), and yet he would always force out burps as loud as possible, probably about 3-5 times per day. Even when I told him that what he is doing is disgusting and that he needs to stop if he is going to shame me for occasionally farting in the place I pay rent to live in, he would argue with me in his three year old voice that and basically try to invalidate what I was telling him, and then continue doing it. So whenever I would try to give him feedback, he would basically argue with me in his three year old baby ish voice he would do when he was trying to joke around (ie, invalidating my points, even when I tried to have a serious conversation with him), resort to ad hominem attacks (ie, "you are stupid" "you don't know what you are talking about", blah blah blah). Or if all else failed, he would do his typical defensive position and raise his voice at me and keep stating his flawed point until I finally backed down, out of concern that he would somehow explode like Mt St Helens over some dumb argument, even if what I am telling him is what he really needs to hear.
He would also make me feel like I was constantly walking on eggshells (and ironically, he accused me of making him feel like I was making him walk on eggshells). For instance, he apparently has noise sensitivity, and he hates the sound of pots and pans being banged, or even used. And if I was using the kitchen and I needed a pot or a pan, I would inevitably have to make a clanking sound. And that shit would set him off. But hey, he had no issue chewing with his mouth open and smacking his lips despite me repeatedly telling him that I hated that, so there's that. Or when he purchased a $100 couch (which I transported in my car since he does not have one), and then he demanded I stop my cat from clawing his "new, nice couch" and wanted me to pay for, and make her wear a shock collar. I mean jesus, can you be any more imposing and self-centered? For the record, after awhile I just wouldn't care if she scratched up that damn, cheap-ass couch. Another thing that really surprised me about him was how picky he is when it comes to dating. Like, really, really, REALLY picky. And keep in mind, if John looked like Brad Pitt in his mid 20s, was super muscled up, had his shit together, and was a fuckload more mature, I could understand him being that picky. But he isn't. He basically looks and behaves like Homer Simpson with serious mood swings and anger management issues. And he only wants to date guys who are basically the exact physical opposite of him in every way, so pretty much Calvin Klein underwear models (he's gay, obviously). He would criticize other fat people behind their back and call them "gross", despite the fact that he himself is grossly overweight. And even if he found that perfect man who meets every one of his physical criteria AND would be willing to tolerate all of his immature bullshit and love him for who he is (and based on how picky he is, I think he has a better shot of a meteor hitting him on the head), I doubt he could even hold onto that person for very long before he wold get sick of John and leave. And thus, John has never been in a relationship in his 40 years of being alive, and he wonders why no one wants to hang out with him, much less be his boyfriend.
Thirdly, and this is where I saw one of the biggest red flags of all; he has some SERIOUS anger issues and would constantly try to argue with me (which I unfortunately did not see the worst of him until I agreed to sign a 12 month contract to help pay down my debts and get back on my feet financially), and he seems to have this complex where he ALWAYS wants to be right, no matter what. What I learned after living with him, is that he is EXTREMELY insecure and has a really fragile ego. He claimed that he is a "boat rocker" (ie, he has no issue with being blunt, raising his voice or yelling to feel heard, etc), and yet he hates it when someone counters him with an alternative opinion, or "rocks his boat" right back, namely because he tends to piss people off, and then wonder why no one likes or wants to hang out with him. He would ALWAYS try to remind me how smart he is. If I said anything that even slightly diverged from his opinion, he would call me stupid, then laugh about it like he told a funny joke, or he would raise his voice and pseudo shout his opinion at me as if it was fact until I finally backed down. If I ever disagreed with him on anything, even if I was saying it in a calm and constructive tone, he would retort back and basically shout his opinion louder, or resort to ad hominem attacks (ie, "you are stupid for thinking that way"). He was completely unable to take feedback, even if it was constrictive, since he would see it as a personal attack, and respond as such. One time I called him out for that, and he bumbled and said "Well, I am really passionate about that topic". Okay, fine. But you can be passionate about a topic or disagreement, and not be an asshole about it.
On that note, he also seemed to have a very distorted sense of reality, in which he was always the poor, helpless victim and everyone around him is mean and horrible to him, and apparently he has no idea why. Like when we were walking around Las Vegas and he snapped at me because "his legs are tired" and we were walking around the strip. Well, dumbass (I mean, John), maybe you shouldn't have suggested we stay in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip if you had no intention of walking long distances. But in his mind, he asked me politely and I "yelled" at him (which was not even remotely how it happened). Or when I would drive, he would frequently try to backseat drive, which I HATE. Eventually, I told him to stop and that I didn't appreciate him doing that (in a slightly elevated tone like he does). And guess what? In his head, I was "yelling" at him, and he did "nothing wrong". But when he has done that to me, in his head, he was "politely asking"). Or when he had a meltdown and yelled at me at 5:30am for accidentally disconnecting his smart home lock a few days before, while I was still asleep and then taking a piss, and I repeatedly told him that I will deal with it when I wake up and get clothes on, and he just kept verbally berating me. Finally I said "Why are you being SUCH an asshole", since like he was verbally assaulting me when I was barely even awake, and he just exploded and had the worst adult man child meltdown I have ever seen from him. I would have easily handled the situation, but he had to turn a damn molehill into fucking Mt Everest with Mt St Helens exploding off the top. And the ironic thing about all of that, is that he called me a man child during his explosive anger meltdown (it's not the first time). I mean sure, I am not perfect, and I am flawed like everyone else. But he was accusing me of pretty much everything I see in him, multiplied times 50. So it's a bit ironic that he would come at me with accusations that very easily apply to him, and then some. His explosive anger outburst was so bad, I was prepared to physically defend myself with my MMA skills, since I had no idea if he would get physically aggressive with me (I thought he might, but I think he knows that would end horribly for him since he's so out of shape and I have practiced MMA fighting at a dojo prior to COVID).
One time, I even called him out on his caustic behavior, and in his predictable voice raising he does when he feels attacked (it's not an attack, I was giving him feedback), he literally told me that he is like a black mold in the fridge, and if you invite your friends over that mold will get bigger and grosser. Well, at least he's somewhat aware of his toxic tendencies, albeit he does not seem interested in changing.
And although he was never officially diagnosed, his therapist suspects that he has Borderline Personality Disorder. Another therapist I mentioned him to suspects he has either BPD, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or some combination of the two. Which completely makes sense, because any time I look up BPD it seems to describe the behavior I saw to a tee. And any time I look up "qualities of immature adults", it's like they are describing him to me in vivid detail. From what I understand, he endured some psychological abuse from his dad, which as he describes it, is VERY similar to the behavior I saw from him. So it's like he is basically turning into his father, ie the person he hates so much.
I could go on and on. I feel like in the 13 months that I lived with him (I lived with him for that long, mainly because I really wanted to pay off my student loans and credit card debt), there probably has been some psychological damage that happend which I am coming to terms with. 13 months of living with a self-centered, narcissistic, utterly immature manchild with no ability no finesse, who is absolutely incapable or debating like a normal adult, who treats his body like a dumpster and puts his own sense of self and "need to be right all of the time" above his relationships with the people around and near him. And the sad thing is, aside from his one friend who I mentioned that he has had for years who called John "the little brother she never wanted", I believe that through all of the psychological abuse and bullshit he forced on me, I was the next closest thing to a friend he had, and I couldn't even stand the guy. After I had moved out and I was ready to block him, he tried to get friendly again as if nothing happened, and he asked me to help him move his new TV into his apartment. He invited me to his virtual poker night. And after one of his 5am outburts that he had during my birthday in Las Vegas, several hours later he tagged me on Facebook and referred to me as his "buddy". God, it's no freaking wonder why he seems to sabotage every lifelong relationship he tries to make.
I will end this by saying that I do not inherently believe that John is a bad person. I think he is trying his best among his intense immaturity and mental health disorder, albeit it's a pretty weak attempt. But for his sake, I believe he should live alone. No more roommates. If he can't at least be a decent, civil person without raising his voice, verbally abusing people close to him, or anything like that, he has no business living with anyone.
End rant.
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2021.12.04 19:49 sonkaaa90 Visa upp er tjej?

Vill ni visa upp er tjej och snacka snusk om henne skicka pm! Inled med ålder och en bild. Peace!
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2021.12.04 19:49 geler1 Some questions before buying

Im working with data entry style work atm (bookkeeping for now and accounting in few years) and i was thinking of maybe getting myself a 15 keys deck to have some macros on it (ill have ones that have multiple steps in them so keyboard shortcuts wont do)
Got few questions while working out in my head how can i use the hardware... 1. Folders, if i enter one and click a key... will it exit the folder and all sub folders within so im sent back to my first 15 keys? 2.profiles, i saw you can have multiple profiles and design each for every situation... is there a limit on how many i can have? (Even if its like 100... im asking so i can make a separate profile for every client 3. Another profiles - can i have 1 key set to cycle between the list of profiles i made? (So if i only have like 3-4, 1 click will move to the next one every time until i will loop back to the start
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2021.12.04 19:49 play4qeepz777 Trip to the rockies…

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2021.12.04 19:49 Caatt_tt Trading lucky21

IA : 2.4mil, or val19
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2021.12.04 19:49 Free_Philosopher_126 Underwhelmed by Georgia's defense so far...

I watched the Auburn game last week and frankly Auburn played Bama better on the defensive side of the ball. Why is JT not in the game? is he hurt?

I would never put money on a team coached by Saban. I wonder if the current OC is getting a major job at the end of the year like all the USC coaches.
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2021.12.04 19:49 Red_St3am Well Crap… Dec 2,2021

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2021.12.04 19:49 yamotha1230 Hello everyone! I was told to share my one eyed shih tzu with you all! It’s cool to see a whole sub dedicated to these special animals❤️

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2021.12.04 19:49 jookco Death - Dead - Obituary - Accident : Body of missing University of Alabama student found in Black Warrior River - RocketCityNow.com Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.04 19:49 TKK922 Ruidiaz at PSG?

If you check out his Instagram stories, there are pictures of him at what presumably seems to be PSG stadium and apparently he is even changing in the locker room. I think the translation in that last picture is “ That's how I was in the tower, they wanted to apply the fast” Ruidiaz to PSG?
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2021.12.04 19:49 SendGarlicBread69 People of Reddit, what’s the best moment you have shared with a total stranger?

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2021.12.04 19:49 BoilerAviation Access KL/AF booking on Delta.com

Hey everyone,
Recently purchased a flight on AF/KLM and for some reason I cannot see the flight on "my trips" in the delta app even though its linked to my skymiles number. No legs are on Delta metal, is this why perhaps?
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2021.12.04 19:49 Whey-Men Azerbaijan Urged To Probe 'Horrific' Beating Of Opposition Activist In Custody

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2021.12.04 19:49 JackLnd835 How do I get this energy tank? (There’s not enough room to shinespark)

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2021.12.04 19:49 ExtremelyGoofy123 Has it become necessary to replace the rotor too? (Was intended to be a brake replacement only)

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2021.12.04 19:49 tandooripoodle Who ARE these people?!?! Comment from the “I’m here, I love you and I will take care of you” post.

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2021.12.04 19:49 moogle27 Best free back up application for windows 10?

So as i understand the built in back up utility sucks/ doesn't support full disk images, and is no longer supported. Is a free application around that can do this?
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