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[Top Stories] - Morning Meeting: Jim Cramer discusses some early morning trades in real time | NBC

2022.01.21 12:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Morning Meeting: Jim Cramer discusses some early morning trades in real time | NBC

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2022.01.21 12:16 danparthenis Vroxi visits Hogwarts! WIND GUARDIAN LEVIOSSAA!! Stream Highlights

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2022.01.21 12:16 TrynaGetSomeRest Songs that are inexplicably linked

Does anybody else have otherwise unrelated songs that - to them - are somehow linked? An example for me is Say it Ain't So by Weezer and Where Is My Mind by the Pixies. One always reminds me of the other, and any playlist I make containing either also contains the other.
Do you have any songs that line up like this? And for any particular reason?
Sorry if this kind of post is not allowed!
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2022.01.21 12:16 bortukali Eleições de dia 30 - ajuda // discussão

Boas pessoal, ainda sou novo e nunca votei antes, porque nunca me interessei muito por política nacional, por isso estava à espera que alguém me pudesse ajudar a decidir por quem votar e/ou que se juntasse a mim na discussão ( sou um nabo em política, mas disposto a aprender).
Para terem uma ideia do partido que estou à procura, considero estes problemas os mais pertinentes para mim, neste momento na minha vida :
1) bolha no mercado imobiliário; as rendas são super altas, e comprar casa fica mesmo muito caro num país como o nosso, quero um partido que queira fazer a diferença e que ajude os Portugueses de classe média a adquirir propriedades!
2) dependência chinesa; tudo o que eles fazem nós também conseguimos fazer, porque não investir no desenvolvimento da indústria portuguesa nos setores high tech em vez de depender da China e dos EUA para tudo?
3) carga fiscal; com alguns dos preços mais caros da Europa em muita coisa, os portugueses. Ao ganham que chegue para viver como deve ser, a gasolina, telecomunicações e até a comida está demasiado cara, acho que já há algumas medidas para combater isso, mas parecem muito fracas, a maior parte do preço da gasolina são impostos!
4) fugas ao fisco; desde rendas, restaurantes, cafés, lojinhas, negócios locais, mecânicos, muito pessoal que aí anda não passa fatura ! Isto traz muitos problemas ao país e acontece também pelos impostos serem tão altos. Se o mercado negro não fosse tão grande, o nosso PIB ia ser maior e ia trazer mais investimentos ao país. Um partido que esteja disposto a combater isto era excelente.
Sabem algum partido que tenha mencionado estes problemas ? Nomeadamente o 1) e 3). Se souberem de algo, e caso tenham fontes ainda melhor! Fiquem à vontade de discutir as ideias propostas assim como outros problemas que considerem maiores, só peço que mantenham a discussão civil nos comentários.
Estou no mobile, por isso desculpem os erros de formatação, abraço campeões!
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2022.01.21 12:16 CoverholiC Blink 182 - First Date (guitar cover)

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2022.01.21 12:16 Adept_Assistance Furyan - The Mind

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2022.01.21 12:16 SpartanBH Forerunner Conflict is OPEN for enlistment! Enlist today to take part in weekly competitive battles and turn the tide of war! ***NEXT BETA WAR BATTLE NIGHT IS SUNDAY, 1/23 @ 6PM ET***

Forerunner Conflict is OPEN for enlistment! Enlist today to take part in weekly competitive battles and turn the tide of war! ***NEXT BETA WAR BATTLE NIGHT IS SUNDAY, 1/23 @ 6PM ET*** submitted by SpartanBH to HaloClans [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 12:16 Frogacuda When I find out Meat Loaf is dead

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2022.01.21 12:16 Select_Profit_3750 The only good thing about a hangover is the excuse to drink loads of water

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2022.01.21 12:16 CosmicSharkBait IDK but I kinda wanna see this in the game 😅

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2022.01.21 12:16 ArdaYK it says "Zenitsu says daijoubu daijoubu for 1:20 minutes in Turkish

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2022.01.21 12:16 RedBlaze1025 Fortnite But Tilted Is Back!

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2022.01.21 12:16 Aggravating_Public_1 Tencent JD stock dividend

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2022.01.21 12:16 Spacestuff1337-- Anyone down for a quick druddigon?

3507 8338 3140
5 mins be fast
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2022.01.21 12:16 Lol33ta Firetailed Reptile by AlviaAlcedo

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2022.01.21 12:16 Skullhammer98 Good job removing all the bot farms, then adding the best one, then removing it. Its absolutely unfair and will hurt the game in the long run even worse. It for sure has created a huge gap in power between potential new players and old.

So I'm gonna say this flat out, the advantage of being high level compared to low level is rediculous. Vehicles should never be level restricted, and then of the 5 guns in the game, only like 2 are viable but you have to grind the shit out of the game to get them. The low level vehicles are inferior to the high level ones, and when it comes to weapons this is really bad. Now, with the current state of the game, the 100 or so people who actually still play the game regularly have all bot farmed their tier 1 stuff in zombies or bot farmed all attachments for all weapons and all vehicle upgrades. So for the average new player, they are going to get absolutely stomped by the PKP, MP9 drum mag, AC42, and NTW that outgun all the other guns no matter what. Thats after being run over by 100 boltes.
So, really, the only option is to leave it in the game. Sure its a boring grind, but the zombies was actually fun otherwise and it gives players the ability to even out the playing field. I feel bad for the legit players that suffered through this game for days worth of hours to max out anything just for someone to do it in zombies in an hour BUT between zombies and the player vs ai experience that is still in the game and a great vehicle level up tool, this power gap is for sure permanent. I'd say permanent damage to the game regardless of if they keep it out or return it. But again now there's probably like 5% of the people who've unlocked everything that did it legit because of these WIDELY AVAILABLE AND DICE CREATED farms.
TL;DR level advantages in this game are worse than any FPS I can think of especially when unlocks in this game are "unlock 1: 30 kills unlock 2: 5000 kills" and with the bot farms theres a huge power gap now. They should leave them in to give new players a fighting chance.
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2022.01.21 12:16 BMEBearcat Freezer Compressor Won't Start (Replaced Cap, PTC, and Overload)

A couple weeks ago I won a Black and Decker 3.5 cu ft. Chest Freezer on auction. Yes, I understand I get what I pay for and I knew of the risk purchasing it. We have certainly gotten our monies worth from this business, so if I have to take a $80 loss on this freezer, so be it. Freezers are hard to come by at the moment and if there were an issue with it, I was excited at the prospect of learning more about appliance repair. Well, 2 weeks, and several head scratching hours, later, here I am still at a loss about why this freezer compressor won't start.
So, onto the issue at hand. When the freezer is plugged in, the thermostat box light turns on. Wait a few seconds, and I can hear the PTC relay click. But the compressor does not turn on. Nothing is audible from the compressor. I would expect to hear a subtle hum from the motor if it were experiencing mechanical fault issues, struggling to start. No sound at all. After quick research, I figured that replacing both the relay and overload switch would solve the issue (with an equivalent qp2-4r7 3 pin ptc and overload kit). Nada. No difference. So, I measured the capacitance of the connected capacitor (a 6uF, 250VAC, 50/60hz). It would start measuing at about 5.5uF and quickly drop to 4uF. So figured it was faulty. I replaced it. Same result. Only clicking, with no start.
So, the most recent attempt I made was to check the wiring. I noticed that the wiring diagram attached to the freezer used the European wiring color coding standard, not US. So, hot is brown, neutral is blue, and ground is yellow/green. However, the freezer is wired using US color coding, where hot (line) is black or red, neutral is white, and ground is green. After studying for a bit, the diagram indicated that hot should be connected to the overload protector. However, the freezer was originally wired with hot (red) connected to #1 pin on the relay and neutral (white) connected to the overload protector. I was convinced this was the solution. Wrong. Same result. Click and no start. After, I scrambled to try every combination of new and old relays, overload protectors, capacitors, and wiring connections. Same result.
In between all of these tests, I did check the compressor common, start and run connectors. Start to run (S-R) was 40 ohms, common to start (C-S) was either 24 or 26 ohms, and common to run (C-R) was either 14 or 16 ohms. The sum of C-R and C-S did equal S-R. In most resources, I've seen that the max resistance is 10 ohms. Is 40 common at all? I assume a freezer might merit extra oomph, so I'm guessing this is okay. I even tested if the compressor was internally grounded by probing the compressor to the main ground. It was open.
I have not messed with the thermostat or probe yet. That may be the next step. I've also seen that there are hard start kits out there to force start the compressor. But I haven't made the move yet.
Curious what everyone's thoughts are. I am eager to keep trying as long as the compressor is ruled out as the issue. I am having fun trying to determine the issue. So I felt that other gluttons for electromechanical punishment out there might enjoy the critical thinking here.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.21 12:16 Zacky-7834 What would you say the main events of the Prisoner of Azkaban were?

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2022.01.21 12:16 ReasonableTeacher175 Reef Roadmap

Now Card and binance staking is added !! So now we are SURE THEY WILL COME OUT SOON !! BOOOOOOOOM !!!!
dereksilva·2 days ago
For items we don't have control over the delivery dates, they have been temporarily removed from the roadmap on Notion until we do have a date set. Keeping it up there and constantly moving it around was no better or worse than temporarily removing it. :) Those are still coming, but we need Baanx and Binance to inform us when they'll be available.
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2022.01.21 12:16 NotMucrow Which should I play?

I wanted to play Persona 3 FES, but it runs with 40% speed and about 20 fps both in my laptop and my android, and it's really bad to play it like that, it lags a lot.
On the other hand, Persona 3 Portable runs just fine in my cellphone. And as a Danganronpa player, i'm already fine with the VN gameplay style, so I don't really care much about reading a lot.
All I want to know is, do I lose too much by playing P3P instead of P3 FES?
I know "The Answer" is P3FES only, so I'm gonna play it when I'm done with the journey anyways, I just want to know about the journey itself.
Like, can I walk in tartarus? Does the battle system work the same way? Anything changes in the plot for MC route?
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2022.01.21 12:16 Boss4316 In Honor of Lisa G's Last Day - CBS Boston

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2022.01.21 12:16 Ben-Housh Access to Polygon staking (my Account)

Hello everyone, does anyone have any trouble accessing his staking account on polygon wallet web wallet?
I can access the „my account“ tab on polygon web wallet staking just with a wallet address that has no staking matic in it!!!…as soon as I change to my staked wallet address on MetaMask it does not open „my account“ tab and wenn i refresh it shoes no staked matic but one validator!… anyway i looked on etherscan an i can see the ERC721 tokens which are practically the voucher of my staking tokens!….
Since the total staked matic does not significantly changed today, I asked my self and wonder whether this problem is for everyone who has staked on polygon web wallet?!
Thanks for your help 🙏
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2022.01.21 12:16 Saquenmedeelsalvador Se imaginan que si xd

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2022.01.21 12:16 Forward-Knowledge-97 The T14 as the T30

Yale: Vanderbilt
Stanford: UT Austin
Harvard: WUSTL
Columbia: BU
Chi: USC
NYU: Notre Dame
Penn: GW
Berkeley: ASU
Duke: UMN
Michigan: UF
Cornell: Bama
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2022.01.21 12:16 DaRealLettuceDealer Was letzte Vergewaltigung

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