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A super cute mug for my biology teacher friend!

2022.01.23 19:15 OkCriesed A super cute mug for my biology teacher friend!

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2022.01.23 19:15 AkitoChanU kiana build

kiana build
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2022.01.23 19:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.23 19:15 lindseee628 Readings Available ✨

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2022.01.23 19:15 Remote_Phrase_ Yep.....

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2022.01.23 19:15 HairyNippleDongs What's the point in side missions and can I uo the difficulty of them?

Just doing some for the Suppression when I noticed they don't even count as a sidequest.
So what's the point of these underleveled faceroll missions?
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2022.01.23 19:15 nickeymousee I started a mini series on Instagram where I respond to WhatsApp scammers

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2022.01.23 19:15 eldi89 Says we can be ‘friends who just don’t see eachother’

Please see previous post for more background and I hope it’ll make more sense!
Long story short; me and my ex are not on great terms and an argument started due to me not buying him something. He says it isn’t due to that; and due to ‘my behaviour’ when I got upset.
When I got upset all I done was say I would Leave so the situation didn’t blow up as he was refusing to talk to me. I said this and he leaped out of bed and was really angry, during all arguments he says he doesn’t want to see me again or speak, so to avoid this happening I tried to apologise and asked him to stay and talk. He left and I didn’t call or text him
Since then he’s adamant he doesn’t want to see me again, due to ‘the behaviour’. He told me to leave him alone the other day. I asked today what exactly he wants, and said if he wants me to leave him alone permanently and not speak ever again I’ll do that.
He said ‘we can be friends, he just doesn’t want to see me’….. what even does that mean
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2022.01.23 19:15 Foreign-Teaching7184 Certain SCPs you may not know.

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2022.01.23 19:15 Atomictarrel I see 2 kind of posts on this sub... Let me combine them.

We hate the LP / ranking system. We hate afk / feeders. Losing a game when everyone is trying is fine, but the rage I feel when I lose because I have people running it down or afking in base.... I hope someone with riot is on this sub because this is so unhealthy for the game. I don't understand why they don't ban accounts? Just for a couple days or hours
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2022.01.23 19:15 bubbabubba3 Very solid NEIPA from Active Ingredient Brewing Co. Malta, NY

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2022.01.23 19:15 Alackastor Kitchen layout L-shaped with or without island

Looking at changing the layout of my kitchen (from U-shaped), to one of the below
I like the open, spacious look of the layout without the island, but having the island might be nicer to work in. The kitchen opens into and is continuous with the living room
Thoughts/opinions? Never done any home improvement work before. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.23 19:15 Dependent_Way8195 I’m a 21 year old male and I’ve been wanting to play the violin for the last few years now - where do I start - can I self teach off of YouTube and I was thinking of getting a stentor conservatoire violin is this any good thanks

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2022.01.23 19:15 CisForCondom Doing a rewatch of Bones and saw a familiar face

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2022.01.23 19:15 Jarviscodinghub CS 3430: SciComp with Py Assignment 11 solved

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2022.01.23 19:15 Boring_Ant_1677 Volbeat's Michael Poulsen: "Our mind can take us to some really dark places that we're not supposed to go."

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2022.01.23 19:15 rdonos2 How would one stop a heirarchical system (mainly the state) from forming after it is dismantled?

I imagine it would be pretty difficult to keep heirarchical systems from reforming. For example, once we descend into anarchy, what's stops people's coming together and rebuilding a state or whatever? Should we have a person or people in general dismantle any signs of a state forming through force or separation?
I'm new to soulism so I'd like for someone to help clear this up for me.
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2022.01.23 19:15 EpicGeckoNibba Rule

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2022.01.23 19:15 Tricky_Region_5309 Any advice on large nose pores ?

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2022.01.23 19:15 thejellomaker My mother and I had drastically different reactions to having no cake on our birthdays

When I was 16, no one thought to get her cake on her birthday. I was in a room alone and upset. Her bf was mad and talking about wanting to mistreat the dog. Mom said if I don't like how he punishes the dog (he was a puppy back then), I wouldn't like how pop would do it. I said, "I don't want to see pop train anything." For context, she's told me about him using a belt on her and her older brothers as kids. She proceeded to say, "You ruined my night," while I was visibly crying.
The next day, she talked about being upset about no cake. On her last birthday, she got cake and everything but no one gave her a phone call. She felt like an afterthought on her birthday, even though her new bf's mom planned cake and everything for her on her birthday. The older woman's plans got messed up and she was given cake and stuff the next day. But mom felt like an afterthought. I understand being upset about no phone calls, but someone went out of their way to make cake for her.
On my 17th birthday, I was upset at first because nothing was done yet. Stuff was bought later that day and I was fine, but I didn't know at first.
On my 18th birthday, I got no cake. I got donuts from McDonalds. I actually don't like McDonalds' donuts but she never knew. She also wanted to avoid traveling too many places bc COVID was a big thing here. I was secretly mildly upset but understood. I also don't think I'd lash out about no cake the same way she did. Telling someone you ruined their night over no cake...
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2022.01.23 19:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.23 19:15 Crypto1m When are you going to deflate cro like bnb and eth?

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2022.01.23 19:15 DecentLurker96 Passeport vaccinal dans les grandes surfaces au Québec : le décret se fait attendre

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2022.01.23 19:15 Beardyman89 Dark Stripe on my Samsung TV, help required? Thanks in advance

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2022.01.23 19:15 divorceistheanswer [HM] Life is a Mess. (Would love your feedback)

Let's be clear, I don't actually want to divorce my husband. I love him.
But when I am standing in my kitchen knee deep in bubbles because he added Fairy Liquid to the dishwasher cycle, divorce is the only logical way out of this madness.
While our kitchen resembles a Ministry of Sound foam party in Ibiza, minus the sun, tan and semi naked bodies, the husband stands awkwardly, looking puzzled that the dishwasher machine that we've had for 4 years needs a tablet and not washing liquid, my anger boils.
Have I been doing ALL the washing loads? I have seen the husband stack the dishes into the machine and on occasion I've seen him unload it, but in all this time, has he ever turned the machine on?
While I leave him to mop up (he does know how to mop), I start thinking . Does he know how to operate the other appliances in our house? If I died tomorrow, would he have to run back to his parents for his dinner and clean clothes? Have I turned into his mother instead of his wife?
We both work full time jobs and so the housework has always been spilt evenly. We both have our talents when it comes to chores. I am a drill sergeant about cleaning bathrooms, the place smells like a swimming pool with the amount of cleaning products I use but I could eat my breakfast from the floor. I wouldn't though. He is particular about ironing everything even socks and pants (if you do this, it's not normal). The first one home from work cooks and the other cleans up. I am normally home first but I have seen him lingering around the corner waiting for me to get in first to avoid cooking. I will never complain about that as his cooking skills are dismal. When we first lived together, he asked me how to cook an egg! The temperature of the water confused him too much to try it. The oven is another mind field with too many knobs and operations. If he does cook, it's normally something that can be grilled on a George Foreman.
Next, the washing machine. Now this is comical. I've asked the husband to put on wash loads while I'm finishing dinner. And really, I might as well do it myself. He empties the laundry basket out and asks which type of wash to do, darks or whites. My reply is always whichever there are more off. On occasion, I've seen his mathematical brain reaching for the weighting scales. Next comes an armful of clothes which I must help him separate. Is this pure black t-shirt for darks wash? What about this dark blue jumper? It takes all my energy to not answer with several swear words and a non-sarcastic answer. Then the next question about what wash to do and which setting to use is muttered from his lips? Now we've had to replace the washing machine two years ago, so I understand it's quite new, but come on! What makes it even more comical is that he's the King of manuals! We've manuals dating back from when he got his first TV for his bedroom at 15.
TVs he understands. Possibly due to his passion for watching football, shows about zombies and Peaky Blinders. I do believe he could work all the TVs within a 50-mile radius with one remote control. He knows there's an exciting outcome from working those devices. Not essentials like clean clothes, food or a tidy house.
As my frustration builds, I wonder at what point have I become his maid?
I do realize that I probably have some unresolved anger issues that leads me to be sarcastic and overdramatic. But this isn't about me. It's about my daft husband who is currently fighting bubbles in the kitchen with a mop.
A life without him around must be the answer to peace, right? But would it be too quiet? If we divorced, would we have to spilt ownership of the bloody appliances? He gets the iron and I'll take the hoover.
Finally, I hear him turn on one appliance that I appreciate. When we moved in together, I had to teach him how to make a cup of tea. You are probably thinking that I meant how to make a decent cup of tea, the way I like it. But no, I had to show him how to fill the kettle to an acceptable level and how long to leave the tea bag in for. We haven't progressed to a teapot yet. Again, the oven and its gas rings are just too many buttons for him to work. I had to marry the only Irish man who doesn't drink tea. Single ladies, first date questions to ask- 1. Does he know how to cook? 2. How good is his tea/coffee making skills?
As I sit and think about other possible questions I could ask my future dates, in the husband walks in carrying a cup of tea and a Fox's chocolate biscuit. The chunky ones that are my favorite.
Well maybe I’ll keep him for another while. Look at how much I've taught him so far. Until he does the next stupid thing.
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