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Was tun wenn Vermieter/Wohnungsgesellschaft nicht auf Kündigung antwortet?

2022.01.21 10:45 SorryIAmNew2002 Was tun wenn Vermieter/Wohnungsgesellschaft nicht auf Kündigung antwortet?

Hallo alle zusammen. Wir wohnen aktuell noch in einer WG zu dritt (Mein Freund, sein bester Freund und ich) und wir wollen zu April ausziehen. In der Küche ist, seit es kälter geworden ist, wiederkehrender Schimmel und man kümmert sich nicht drum ("benutzt etwas Essig", es liegt auf jeden Fall nicht am Lüften). Deswegen wollen wir jetzt ausziehen und haben auch schon eine tolle neue Wohnung in Aussicht.
Die Kündigung wurde fristgerecht am 3. Januar eingeworfen von meinem Freund, meiner Mutter und mir. Unten drin stand eine Bitte auf Bestätigung von Kündigungseingang. Jetzt haben wir bis heute keine Antwort. Wie Wohnungsgesellschaft ist aus den Niederlanden und wir haben hier nur eine Kontaktperson, die aber schon seit Monaten nicht richtig am Telefon zu erreichen ist und auch nie zurück ruft.
Ziehen wir zu April jetzt einfach aus und hören auf zu zahlen? Ich hab langsam keinen Bock mehr auf die Funkstille und möchte einfach ohne Probleme zu April in die neue Wohnung. Klar war es unser Fehler es nicht per Einschreiben zu machen, aber bisher war auch so das meiste mit der Dame eher "locker" und wir waren ja zu dritt.
Vielen Dank!
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2022.01.21 10:45 atoponce Is a long run determined primarily by distance, time, or effort?

My long runs are typically 20 easy miles taking just over 2 hours. It is ~30% of my weekly distance.
I've read that if doing marathon pacing intervals, I could shorten the long run to 16-18 miles for an equivalent effort. I do this about once per month coming in under 90 minutes.
I want to train for some ultras this summer, meaning I need to get some trail running in with a lot of elevation gain. If I climb 5,000 feet, would 12 miles be equivalent to a long run? Or do I still need to focus on distance also? Or time?
Ultimately, I want to have the muscular endurance to both run 50K and climb 10,000 feet, but I'm curious what a long run should focus on: distance, time, or effort.
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2022.01.21 10:45 BeeboUrieWay Ex (M22) got back with his “wife”. I (F20) feel defeated and it feels like I’m the one who lost.

Ill try my best to explain even though english isnt my first language.
I met my ex when I was 17 years old in senior HS. We clicked and got together. He was my first. In the first couple of months, I found out about a girl who was holding a baby in her profile picture and that she was blocked on my social media, which I didn’t do. Figured out that that was his ex. I confronted him about the baby, and he told me that it wasn’t his. I believed him and hoped that he wasn’t lying. I kept confronting him about it because I just had that gut feeling. Told him I needed to leave him if the baby was his because I was still young. and didn’t wanna deal with all the that. He cried and denied that the baby wasn’t his and that it was his friend’s. I believed him because I trusted him. Mind you, that my now ex (M/22) and I (F/20) lives in the US and that the other girl (his ex) lives in another country. A year into the relationship, I went over to his house, he was knocked tf out, I went through his phone for the VERY FIRST TIME during the relationship. And guess what I found…. The girl is his baby mama and the kid is his. I found on his phone was transactions of money of him giving money to them, and him calling them for several mins to hours. I trusted this dude. I was pure and innocent. Didn’t know someone could lie for this long to me or even as gf or a bf. But then he explained that he lied bc he didn’t wanna lose me. I understood that and gave him another chance and tried to become more open minded towards his kid as a 17 year old girl trying to figure out how to not be toxic B. He also explained that his baby mama doesn’t know anything about our relationship because if she finds out, she’ll distance their 3 year old baby from him, and that he’s only faking their relationship for the sake of talking to his kid. I also tried to understand and didn’t wanna take away his chance of communication with his kid, especially his kid is in another country. I still continued the relationship with him. I know I was f stupid. but at the same time I was having fun and blinded by how much I loved being with him. The following month, he flew to the country where his baby mama and his kid lived. I agreed for him to pretend to be with his baby mama, just for the sake of him getting to see his kid in person. He came back and told me nothing happened between them (they were also on and off). Right after he came back to the US, the girl found out about us, and they broke it off between them. So, I kept and still continued the relationship. A year later , I found out/ heard through his friends that he’s planning to get married. He explained that his family was trying to make him marry his baby mama so that they could get his kid into the US permanently. This was the time that I knew deep inside that I had a ticking timer until this relationship ends. I stayed with him and made the most of it. I also tried to fight for him by posting pictures of us in my social media so that the girl would find out that he was still with me, and i was hoping she won’t agree to be married to him. I still posted us, even though his family was getting mad at me for doing it, to the point that they didn’t want me in their house anymore. The day came, we broke it off before l he flew away to the other to officially get married to her. What hurts was that I fought and tried to “win” him against the other girl. A month had passed, no contact w him, not until he texted and said that he still loved me and sht. I had moved on and said no. He tried to kill himself during the facetime call with him (ig he was losing it over there, and that he didn’t really wanna get married to his baby mama) a week before he was gonna get married. I called his mother, who hated me, to tell that his son is in trouble. They sent him to the hospital due to possible overdose and flushed it out of his system. He ended up being fine. I blocked him after that because of wt ef I just had to go through. He tried to contact me before his wedding to tell me he loves me. I did tell him I love him also. His baby mama found out and called me to tell that they just got married. I didn’t even know that they were gonna go ahead and continue the wedding after all that happened. He did lie the night of their wedding to me, told me he was going to a birthday party, but no he went ahead to get married.
This is where it all went south for ME. He came back to the US married. Got together with friends. He was also there. I had completely moved on from him after two months of breaking it off. Told myself I’m never getting back with him because he’s already married. But at the get together, which was the day he landed in the US, I got drunk and something happened between us. It started off as this little fling where we said this was going to be a one time thing, bc we cant be together anymore. It ended up being more. His wife found out shortly after. But before that he lied and told me he doesn’t talk to her anymore. Again, I found out that he’s still talking to her. Well it makes sense because that thats the point is to process their papers and make her believe that their relationship was real, which was the only way to bring his kid to the US. I told him I wasn’t gonna do this anymore if she’s still inbetween us. He broke it off with her just to be with me. His family hated him. His family kicked him out of the house but ended up mending it him. His family HATES ME, especially his witch ass mother. Like mother, like son huh. Anyways, he stopped contact with her for almost a year. He stayed loyal to me. the entire year we were together ( but technically he’s still married). I held this a secret and felt ashamed about. Deep inside I knew it wasnt going to last and that I wanted some revenge. I did change. I knew what I liked and didn’t like anymore. I knew what I didn’t want to tolerate anymore. Ig he perceived me as controlling now bc I tell him what and what I dont like him to do anymore, unlike before. He obeyed what i didn’t want and want and he was sweet for a couple of months until I noticed that he wasn’t that vulnerable anymore. He became his old self, careless Ig. And eventually things didn’t work out between us. He broke it off with me. I did fall in love with him again and more like possessive because I knew time was running out. He told me he wants to get better and he’s not getting back with his wife, which was I scared about to happen. We both admitted that we dont see future of us together. He did try to hook up with me again. Me hoping he’s gonna come back, so I gave in. Didn’t know he was trying to get back with his baby mama at the time, but eventually I found out. Yeah he just kept lying and lying. Its a pattern I could see. I stalked his profile and I could see that he posts stories of her and her selfies now and set it as featured. I bet the baby mama asked him to do that. And I bet he did so that she could forgive him for what he did to her in the past. He did tell me he tried to get back with her the night after we hooked up, but he did say itll take time for her to forgive him. Its just effed up why he would still hook up with me and tell me he loves me and sht if he’s trynna get back with her bruhh. I ended right there and told him this needs to stop. I could tell he wanted to be friends. But told him that I don’t know whats next for me. In the entire relationship, I felt deprived of what receiving gifts or surprises feels like. I had never gotten anything for our anniv and my bday. He always gets my hopes up and get me disappointed. I’m not going to very detail of what else happed because its just gonna keep going on and on.
Right now, I have my days where I’m fine and happy. But after finding out that they’re together already after a month. I’m sad. I cry when I feel like it. But it wasnt bad as the last time he left me to get married to another. I feel guilty for even being involved with a married man. I keep telling myself that their relationship wasnt real to try to justify that I wasnt a mistress. I’m sad when I think about our memories and what coulve been. I guess I’m mad at him bc of how dare he beg me to comeback to his life and he’s just going to leave me again. I destroyed my innerself and out getting back with him. I dont know I am anymore. I think I’m becoming a bitter person and a hateful one bc of all of what happened to me. I feel very anxious about my daily stuff. But I have my better days. Its just weird that I’m sad that he’s with her. but at the same time I dont want him back anymore. Ig i feel betrayed? that he got back with her quick. His friends probably doesnt even know that he initiated the hook up with me WHILE trying to get back with his baby mama. I feel like people think that he’s a good person now, who’s trynna become a better man? And I was the mistress? I just feel like he won. She won. They won. his family won. Idk. I try to tell my self I’m sorry I did this to myself and just cry.
Also, Ive been thinking of telling the baby mama what happened and about the hook up. But i know its not a good idea and itll just destroy his life probably. LOL But no. I wont do it haha. I know better now.
Thats it. Thank you for reading my diary:). Let me know if you have any questions.
Feel free to leave me advice and wisdom. Thank You!!
TL;DR: I really dont know how to summarize this lol. Had a relationship with my ex as married man. Left the wife (still married). We had our time. Now he left me again to get back with her. He initiated a hook up with me while tryna get back with her. Now I feel like everyone thinks he’s a good person and I was the mistress?
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2022.01.21 10:45 AWordBully Bulkorcut talking to his imaginary friend while posting on reddit

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2022.01.21 10:45 kensredemption Emerson College targeted by ad campaign for suspending student group behind ‘China Kinda Sus’ stickers.

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2022.01.21 10:45 d999999 2016 595 - Moisture on oil cap - Advice?

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2022.01.21 10:45 Quiet_Ad_4039 Nft's World Domination 🦍

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2022.01.21 10:45 _Standard_Pumpkin_ National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) building in Hyderabad

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2022.01.21 10:45 hdhdhsh1488 The n word

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2022.01.21 10:45 FormerSpecific3833 Anything on her

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2022.01.21 10:45 Ritzelfiz Riot Games and their consistency

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2022.01.21 10:45 AviseAnalytics 4 GROWTH STOCKS to Watch for!

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2022.01.21 10:45 Bonus1Fact Wintry Weather Sends US Propane Demand To Record High ¦ Zerohedge

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2022.01.21 10:45 Jeromeecutee Looking For Scholarships

Good Day Manager! I am Charles Jerome Baldonado, 19 years old from Cavite, Philippines. I am currently a College Student. I am looking for Scholarship to help my Parents in my College fees as well as my brother. Also in our everyday needs. Because of Pandemic I wasnt able to look for a job while studying that's why I am hoping to be one of your scholars. To help my parents while I'm at home. I have gaming experiences like Crossfire,Valorant,CSGO and Garena Call of Duty. As a college student who has a lot of requirements and activities on online classes, I'll make sure to play for about 5-8hours a day. I have flexible time and Ill make sure I'll hit the target. I want to be a scholar to help my parents and for me to have savings for my future. I want to build my own business thats why I work hard. Tho I havent experience working, I am very dedicated on what I am doing and I am willing to learn. I hope you notice my resume, I promise that you wont regret it because my earnings will be in good hand. Thankyou and Godbless!
Discord ID: Je #9181
Email: [Chawarles@gmail.com](mailto:Chawarles@gmail.com)
Reddit: Jeromeecutee
Twitter: u/itsmechaarlees
Instagram : |Citycharles|
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2022.01.21 10:45 somethingicanspell Literally every third poster on this sub

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2022.01.21 10:45 i_shid_myself You should just do it. Seriously. Time ticks away every day.

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2022.01.21 10:45 kalypso_kyoshi What’s your go-to, safe menu item to order out to eat?

When you find yourself at a restaurant with friends or fam… what’s your safe order?
Last night I had a few bites of fries and a nacho platter and… you fill in the blanks.
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2022.01.21 10:45 opcoupon 48% off >> $181.99> BlitzWolf BW-VT2 DLP Mini WIFI Projector Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2022.01.21 10:45 willturnermay I don't know what's worse: using a homeless person for likes on LinkedIn, or smiling smugly while the homeless person looks clearly unhappy.

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2022.01.21 10:45 AshySlashy902 4U2PN2

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2022.01.21 10:45 shinney You never know where you customer from!😄😄

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2022.01.21 10:45 OccludedFug How did "dozen" become the standard for selling things like eggs and donuts?

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2022.01.21 10:45 Rasskassassmagas How many COVID cases are in Michigan schools? State has no idea anymore

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2022.01.21 10:45 morceaudebois Should we try publishing our iOS inspired browser extension for Safari?

Hi! I'm one of the developers of an open source browser extension startpage that takes heavy inspiration from iOS' design language. I won't name it or link to it since this post will probably get banned, but you can find it easily on my profile.
We've been working on it for almost three years and our users love it, but have been since the beginning asking for a Safari version (it's only available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge). That would totally make sense since our target audience is Apple users, but we haven't done it yet. Apple developers accounts are expensive and it wouldn't make financial sense for us.
Our users have been very kindly making donations for the last few years, and we're finally at a point where we can afford the Apple developer account (for a year anyway). The problem is that we're nervous about publishing it since our design looks a lot like Apple's (which is the whole point), and we aren't sure if they're gonna like it.
We're aware of the 4.1 "Copycat" part of the App Store guidelines and that will probably be the main problem. However, we feel like our extension is original, functional and well made enough that it's not a copycat.
What do you think? Should we go for it and spend the hundred bucks? I'm not sure if this is exactly the right sub for this, but we wouldn't mind some help and opinions on this. Thank you 😊
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