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Brie larson

2022.01.21 10:41 Old_Rafellaie Brie larson

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2022.01.21 10:41 czpetr I don't know why, but wolves don't seem so threatening anymore.

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2022.01.21 10:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.rferl.org/a/iran-nuclear-talks-blinken-time/31663624.html

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2022.01.21 10:41 KarmaCreates_Art Thought these would be liked here :) my mandala mugs

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2022.01.21 10:41 Obserwhere FAQ: "Can I be a Buddhist without belief in supernatural beings or gods?"

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2022.01.21 10:41 residual_reality Frustration & Sadness, should I get the surgery?

Just want to share my story because I'm really frustrated and sad right now, I need to get this off my chest. I got it in April last year, probably from tie dying (lol). Doctor gave me a brace, didn't really help, although I probably didn't rest it enough in the beginning (big regret). Finally decided to get cortisone shots in July, got 3 in total. After that, things were aight for a while, wrist still didn't feel normal but I didn't have the same pain. It felt like it was gone.
Then, I was wringing out a cloth (same motion that probably gave me this) in November, and I got a pain in my wrist. Ever since then it has slowly been getting worse again, went to the doctor again, was given Voltaren gel and told to go to Physiotherapy (which I haven't because I don't have time and I don't think it will help - has it helped anyone here?). That also didn't really do much.
Just now I did some weird movement against a table by accident and it was by far the worst pain I've felt from this... Because of all this I haven't been able to do yoga properly in almost a year (yoga is really important to me), I have exams coming up that I don't know how I'm going to write, I'm moving end of February but I just don't know how if I can't use my hand.
Don't know what to do anymore, I just want to get the surgery so I don't have to worry about this anymore... What are your experiences with the surgery? What are the chances of it coming back after? How long did it take until you could use your hand again 100% normally? And do you think mine was ever even gone, because it just came back like that?
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2022.01.21 10:41 carlabatley1 Connection 1, created by me, 2022

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2022.01.21 10:41 HroantzScroern 🔥Panda Multiverse🔥 | 🚨FPS P2E GAME 🚨| 💰Free NFT Giveaway💰| BSC Token

We are a devoted, doxed, and professional team working together for the first time on the same project. This is our first token launch as token owners. We have previously worked on multiple teams assisting with marketing, listings, and community leadership positions, but we are now achieving our aspirations of operating our own business. We have responsibilities in several renowned cryptocurrency groups and decided it was time to unite all of our efforts and create something extraordinary. The Panda Multiverse is first and foremost about its community and our commitment to helping one another, as well as our passion for Pandas! Aside from that, we are a reward token that pays out 1% BUSD to token holders and 4% BUSD to token holders who also own one of our BSC NFTs (with the ability to bridge the others). We are a cross-chain NFT platform that has an FPS P2E Zombie Panda game that rewards in legendary NFT pieces. We're also collaborating with other tokens to create their NFTs, giving further income and publicity back to the Panda multiverse Tokenomics 2% LP 6% MARKETING Holders of 4% NFT in BUSD 2% NFT HOLDERS' WEEKLY PAYDAY 1% DEV We have announced a new collaboration with FarmerDoge! We'll be creating their NFTs! In addition, FarmerDoge will be cultivating Panda Multi-verse in the near future, which will bring us massive volume and new holders only from this collaboration! We've also recently announced that each new investor who purchases a $50 minimum will receive a complimentary limited edition 8bit Panda NFT! Where else can you buy a tiny quantity of tokens and receive an NFT as a welcome gift? Panda Multiverse is continually rewarding its fans with gifts and games based on our own Telegram and Discord communities! Our cross-chain NFT sales and ability to bridge them help us separate from other typical initiatives. And our FPS P2E Zombie Pandas game is on a completely different level of professionalism; it is nothing short of spectacular! This is a must-play for both gamers and crypto aficionados! Our game will include branding and marketing as though it were its own metaverse that changes over time. One of our more ambitious aims (you heard it here first) is to have a Panda multi-verse NFT Temple within the TCG metaverse. More specifics coming soon. We can't provide everything at once, and of course, our NFTs are hand-created masterpieces you can only acquire within the Panda multi-verse! Our initial 250 NFTs on BSC sold very quickly, leaving many people wanting more. So, as we waited for our deal to be completed, we put an extra 250 on BSC, and they sold out even faster! We sold 550 NFTs in total in the run-up to our token launch, generating additional income for marketing and assisting with liquidity. We are actively minting on SOL and searching for extra usefulness for SOL holders to profit from without needing to bridge back to BSC for incentives. In addition to NFT purchases, the Panda Multiverse will generate other revenue streams through our P2E game, in which players may spend in-game money and other projects can pay to advertise in-game (2 already on board). In addition, we will offer a line of personalized clothes and one-of-a-kind shoes to help generate marketing income for the project. In addition, our NFT artists will collaborate with other projects on their NFTs, generating more revenue for the Panda Multiverse. We're here to have a good time, trade beautiful art, form strong bonds, support the Pandas, and help one another grow as tall as the tallest bamboo! "In an infinite multiverse, there is no such thing as fiction." PandaMultiverse https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/panda-multiverse/ Contract : 0x0f2F271F27FD90447E54212913e21a8A07a61992 PancakeSwap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0f2F271F27FD90447E54212913e21a8A07a61992 LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x5aE6Fb95110a807983361a2d750962A1704889e1 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x0f2F271F27FD90447E54212913e21a8A07a61992
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2022.01.21 10:41 Same_Evidence_5058 Need help setting up ram

I have: 2x corsair vengeance ddr4 8Gb 2x kingston 9905471-074.A00LF 8gb
I heard you cant use ddr4 and ddr3 together. I cant finnd any mention on what ddr or mhz the kingston one is. I also dont know my vengeance's mhz.
I dont know what motherboard i have but its a republic of gamers one. Has 4 ram slots in total. 2 black slots and 2 red slots. Has a intel i5-4690k installed
Another friend said that different ram slots take different ram sticks. I need help here.
(The kingston sticks were already on the board. The corsair ones are salvaged from my old pc)
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2022.01.21 10:41 Mupfather I'm so glad to be a part of this community and honored to hang out online with apes risking a taxable event to find a way to DRS retirement accounts.

Y'all are the real MVP.
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2022.01.21 10:41 pieterpielkop Can I run dual monitor?

My gpu has only 1 hdmi connector and I want to run dual monitor. My mobo has a hdmi but it doesn't connect. I have a ryzen 3 3100, a320m-k and a gtx 1070 armor.
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2022.01.21 10:41 felixnovo02 Coruscant Guard | NA/EU Starsim/Policesim [A3][Recruiting]

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2022.01.21 10:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.pbs.org/newshour/world/food-aid-in-ethiopias-tigray-now-at-all-time-lowest-u-n-reports

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2022.01.21 10:41 Th3_Dilemma Restaurant equipment auction sites

Anyone ever use or recommend any restaurants equipment auction sites that.
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2022.01.21 10:41 AcanthisittaBusy457 Sustainability Champions

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2022.01.21 10:41 lordtaha3 D&G Inspired art :)

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2022.01.21 10:41 Silbhe94 My friend took this screen for me, slowly improving those Ollies! How the hell do I tell my brain to level my back knee tho! Still having issues with the back foot and the board not following it :(

My friend took this screen for me, slowly improving those Ollies! How the hell do I tell my brain to level my back knee tho! Still having issues with the back foot and the board not following it :( submitted by Silbhe94 to NewSkaters [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 10:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.brusselstimes.com/belgium/202522/weight-of-plastics-in-seas-could-exceed-that-of-all-fish-by-2040

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2022.01.21 10:41 Sunnyvale5109 yeah ok

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2022.01.21 10:41 VEJIm Porsche Mission R [1400x1050]

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2022.01.21 10:41 4N7HR4C173 [offer] I offer to draw you or one of your characters - price is starting at 20$

Hi ! I'm 4N7HR4C173, a small french artist opening commissions, feel free to send me a DM if you're interested !
For more informations and samples you can check that link : https://anthrasite.carrd.co/
You can also send me a message on discord : 4N7HR4C173#9463
Or check out my socials : https://www.instagram.com/4n7hr4c173
Upvotes are highly appreciated
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2022.01.21 10:41 adorkablegiant Having a high number of sexual partners is not attractive if you are looking for a partner to have a long term relationship with!

Let me start this off with this, I do not care that women want to have sex with a lot of guys, I am not against women having high body counts and I in no way think that women should keep sex to themselves. I'm just saying that IF women do (have a lot of sexual partners) I will not take them seriously as a long term partner in a relationship. As simple as that. And I'm sure a lot of other men agree with me, they are scared to admit it.
AND this is obviously directed at women more then men becuase I am talking from my own point of view and that is that I am attracted to women and this is who I am talking about. This applies to men too!
And another point to address is that sex with one person multiple times is different to sex once with multiple people.
Now you can call me insecure, controlling, misogynistic whatever, but I'm not. I'm just looking at the facts and the reality is that women who have a lot of sexual partners tend to have worse relationships, tend to be less happy and tend to be unable to commit to just one person in the long term. So if a women wants to, SHE CAN, but I also can admit that I do not find that attractive at all and I think that it is insane how people automatically attack others that say that the body count matters. It does matter!
There have been multiple studies done that show that people, especially women, who have a lot of sexual partners tend to be less happy in relationships down the line. This is because women are not programmed to do this type of stuff, there comes some serious emotional damage from it.
And just because I know these arguements are coming, let me address them:
"Oh you are just insecure" - No, I'm not, I have a standard and that is completely okay to have. Why is it not acceptable for me to have a standard for my partner? If a women said that she doesn't date broke men, she will be praised, but if I say that I don't want to date a women that has more bodies then I have fingers and toes I am suddenly sexist and misogynistic?
"A woman does not lose her purity be sleeping around" - She doesn't and I'm not saying that a woman that sleeps around a lot is less of a woman then the one that doesn't, she's not. I'm just saying that women without a past are far more desirable then women with a past. Just like how a man with a future is far more desirable then a man without a future. And when I say past, I don't mean that women can't have a past until they meet you, I'm talking about a sexual past. And just to address one more thing, obviously a woman can have a sexual past.
I honestly do not get it why people are so against this idea of the body count being important? Yes I understand that to some people it isn't but I have searched many threads where people say what I'm saying right now and they get attacked, called dumb, sexist whatever just for having this opinion. I don't get it. I guess you could make the arguement that it is to allow women to do whatever they want but like I said, I'm not against women being promiscuous, I'm just saying that it is okay for us men to dislike that or to not be attracted to that. And let me give an example to guys, we all had the one girl in high school that was famous for being easy, would you have ever considered being in a serious relationship with her?
And people, lets be real here, do you seriously believe that a woman that has 100+ bodies in her 20s is a happy woman? Or do you think that she has some emotional damage, stress, anxiety and/or trauma she is trying to deal with and the sleeping around is in a way a defense mechanism to deal with that stress/anxiety/trauma?
It seems to be that this idea that "Oh body count is not important" is being pushed down our throats and everyone who disagrees is attacked. And I'm sure right here on this post, there will be people screaming at me, attacking me which will further prove my point. But the studies prove you wrong. You can search the internet yourself and find what I am talking about.
And I also hate how I have to write 2 separate paragraphs to disclose that I am not against and/or do not forbid women to have sex with a lot of people because I know that if I don't I will be attacked. And I am prepared for your comments so go ahead, call me an incel, tell me I'm wrong but deep down I know that a lot of men do not want to marry a woman that has 50+ bodies or 100+ bodies, it's just unattractive. For casual dating is different, I'm talking about serious relationships here!
Now ladies please do not get me wrong, if you want to, then please go ahead and do it, I'm not saying you shouldn't. I'm just saying that it might just hurt you in the long run. And this is not just my opinion, I have no authority on this matter but I have read a lot of studies and experiments that prove this. And men, just because women can have high body counts, doesn't mean you should accept that and just deal with it. It is okay to not be attracted to it.
And all of this isn't even mentioning the HEALTH risks of this type of lifestyle, STDs are a real danger out there and the fact is that the more people you sleep with, the higher the chances of catching them and this goes to BOTH men and women.
As a footnote, here are some of my sources:
The Revealing Signs Of Women Who Have A High Body Count And Dont Love And Respect Themselves
New Study Claims People Who Have Had More Sexual Partners Report Unhappier Marriages
How Many Sexual Partners Is Too Many?
Certain Aspects Of Promiscuity - "In general, when I speak to patients, I tell them that as long as they do not behave in a way that is likely to hurt others, they are entitled to do what they like; but I point out that in my clinical experience, almost everyone finds promiscuous behavior unsatisfactory in the long run."
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2022.01.21 10:41 procryptoclass FLOKI to Get Listed on More CEXes Thanks to This New Upgrade

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2022.01.21 10:41 Snake_king321 It's incredibly cringey, but the performance is surprisingly good for a couple of kids, and they seem really happy so I'll let it pass.

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2022.01.21 10:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.cowestpro.co/papers.html

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