Stormbolters in combat

2022.01.21 11:14 Suukorak225 Stormbolters in combat

Am I crazy, but I swear I read some where that said that stormbolters get the pistol type when your in combat. Is that true outside of that one brotherhoods spell, or am I just wishing that was a rule?
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2022.01.21 11:14 Adventurous-Ad3243 Buying flower vape.

Hello! I’m looking to purchase a vape for flower and seeking recommendations based on what the community here uses. Fire away! (Thanks!)
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2022.01.21 11:14 MaxSiberia A Small Walk in Winter Sunny Weather

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2022.01.21 11:13 PeregrinLumos [No Spoilers] In love with this show and couldn't help making some Powder fanart!

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2022.01.21 11:13 Infinite-Store5035 I met someone new…she’s perfect in every way, but…

I never dated someone who didn’t have one red flag…but she’s the first.
We communicate very well, talk about our thoughts feelings and opinions, don’t shut each other down, etc.
Last night we cuddle for the first time after two months of dating and had our first kiss. We didn’t rush the process we just took our time.
It was fun we had a great time i feel peace with her, but there is no spark, maybe a tingle but hardly even that.
My fear is that this won’t last and she will get hurt because I enjoy everything but I don’t know for how long. Something in my gut feels it won’t be long, and I don’t want to hurt her.
I crave peace/comfort but I also crave excitement/thrill and I don’t receive the latter with her.
I feel like I’m wrong for not being content with such a calm peaceful person.
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2022.01.21 11:13 olldleme Register error

Im trying to register on Uberduck, but when i click to send confirmation email, the email does not send, i tried to sign in with discord and google, and both dont work, is this happen to someone?
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2022.01.21 11:13 Informal_Resort_5180 What's poppin

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2022.01.21 11:13 kalamplee The Tree

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2022.01.21 11:13 Aztery Delightedness

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2022.01.21 11:13 Siphen_ Buenas noticias en la lucha contra el covid. COVIDROPS nasales

Al entrar en el tercer año, el mundo lucha por contener el covid, incluso las naciones que están fuertemente vacunadas han visto a omicron barrer a través de sus poblaciones. Sí, todos reconocemos que las vacunas hasta la fecha han sido buenas para limitar la hospitalización, mientras que la transmisibilidad de omicron ha seguido manteniendo la carga de nuestros sistemas de atención médica en su punto máximo.
Necesitamos un enfoque triple para poner fin a esta pandemia o al menos disminuir la carga de nuestros sistemas de atención médica.
- Vacunación
- Pruebas precisas y de fácil acceso.
- Medicamento que elimina el covid 19 en detección temprana
La empresa Sorrento Therapeutics, con sede en San Diego, está muy cerca de tener un producto en el mercado que eliminará el covid en la detección temprana. Imagina todas las vidas y sufrimientos que podrían evitarse si en una prueba positiva pudieras echarte unas gotas nasales en la nariz, en lugar de no hacer nada y esperar a ver si te conviertes en una de las estadísticas de urgencias.
El medicamento es 10 veces más potente que el sotrovimab.
Espero que puedan obtener la designación de vía rápida y asociarse con una compañía farmacéutica más grande, ya que realmente me gustaría ver este producto en las estanterías de las farmacias para la seguridad de mis hijos y mi familia mientras continuamos soportando esta pandemia.
¡Manténganse seguros todos!
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2022.01.21 11:13 bartz1um So... Infinite loading screens?

So. What's the easiest fix about this issue? I've done the tip i've seen earlier with removing a game file. But it's quite crippling when trying to enjoy some games and you simply cannot due to this and having to wait for over an hour before you can even queue or click anything in the main menu. Frustrating like nothing else. :'(
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2022.01.21 11:13 Booklover101010 What is this thing that grew on my jaw in past 3 weeks?

It is hard to touch and unpoppable like a zit right from start. In early days it was softer to touch and has grown in hardness. It is painless to touch.
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2022.01.21 11:13 Stonk_Invest0r Technical issues on both Online GMAT and Testing Center GMAT within two-day span!

So I took the GMAT Online for the first time a few days ago. As recommended, prior to checking in I ran the computer test to make sure that my connection was fine and that I had all other software needed - everything checked out so I was good to go.
I proceeded to check in and connect with the Proctor. We did the camera pan, whiteboard, etc. We also downloaded some software that I didn't have previously.
I also confirmed a few things verbally with him:

  1. I asked whether I could have a bottle of water on my desk, he mentioned it would be OK as long as a removed the lableing.
  2. I asked whether I could have more than two dry erase board markers since my marker tips tend to thicken out pretty quickly. He answered that it should be fine. However, on second thought, and since the GMAT Online rules are clear that one cannot have more than two markers, I opted to stick with two to be on the safe side. I find it rather shocking that the Proctor was not aware of the basic rules.
  3. Last, I reaffirmed that, in order to avoid a possible admin review, I would have no problems with him checking in periodically during my exam or at any point to ask to see my whiteboard or do a quick camera pan. I wanted to ensure that he had ZERO suspicions.
After that, I finally started the exam electing to go with the Q-V-IR-AWA order. As I was answering the questions I noticed that when selecting an answer choice, the system would lag for a few seconds, and then hang a second time when clicking YES to confirm answer. At the time, I didn't think this to be a huge issue as it was just a few seconds, and it wasn't happening all the time, but rather maybe 50%(?) of the time. However, I was running out of time and when I selected the answer choice to the final problem the system hanged as time expired, so I'm not sure if my answer choice went through. I understand that your score gets penalized pretty heavily for not finishing the section so I was pretty disappointed about this. I let the Proctor know about this later.
The verbal section was a bit of a disaster. I was cruising through it, but about two thirds of the way through, the kids from my building started bouncing a basketball and riding their bikes spamming their bike horns. It was completely distracting and really through me off for the remainder of the section. Because we aren't allowed earplugs I resorted to covering my ears with my index fingers, but it didn't help much. To make things worse, I had about 15 seconds left with two questions remaining, so I proceeded to guess last two Q's, but when submitting the last one, the same thing happened as in the quant section, the system hanged while the submission was loading.
I started the IR section, and probably about 12-13 minutes in I arrived at a question where I needed the calculator. Using the calculator exacerbated the system lag issue as every time I would punch in a digit it would hang. As this seemed to be a significant issue now, I called for the Proctor to step in. I explained to him the issue and also showed him what was happening. He then paused the exam while we investigated the issue, but by then I had already probably lost around a minute. We did some troubleshooting; deleted cookies, etc... I was even asked to restart my computer. When I signed back in a couple minutes later, we opened the exam again and the issue persisted. He paused once again, and again i lost maybe 30-40 seconds. While troubleshooting I reminded the Proctor that I would need the time lost added back. He said that it would not be a problem and suggested we add a minute. I told him that I believe it had been more than a minute, perhaps two minutes, but as long as we confirmed exactly what had been lost I would be happy. As we still couldn't figure out the issue, he called his supervisor who joined the session - we ran some additional troubleshooting, disabled firewall, and reinstalled the security browser thingie. While waiting, I recall asking the Proctor if I could leave the room to get water, he mentioned that it should be fine but that he would have to report to GMAC. Since we weren't even logged in to the exam I figured it would be OK. We ended up spending about 45minutes troubleshooting. Finally I opened the exam and tested the calculator, the issue was resolved. The supervisor then asked the Proctor how much time should be added, and he replied "2 minutes". I was pretty confused as we had not validated exactly how much time had been lost, but nevertheless was satisfied that I got two minutes back.
Midway through the AWA, I was trying to copy about three lines from one paragraph to another as it better suited my essay organization, but noticed that there was no copy/paste functionality. In the practice exams this functionality exists, so I called for the Proctor to inquire about this, but no answer. I kept calling for him for a good minute, but no answer. I kept trying him periodically throughout the section, but still no answer. I ultimately ended up having to to delete those lines all together as I was running out of time. When the exam concluded, I heard the Proctor's voice "So, it seems you have finished the exam." I replied to him, "Yes, I've finished, but where were you? I was calling for you as I was having functionality issues with copy/paste." He defended himself saying that he didn't hear me at all and also said that the copy/paste function probably just doesn't exist. I was pretty furious about how the exam went, given all the issues I faced and how the Proctor simply ignored me during AWA. Note to anyone who is taking the GMAT Online, assume that your Proctor knows nothing, and do your own research on the rules about the GMAT Online.
I ended up scoring a 690, well below my goal score of 720. The next day, I was honestly not surprised when I received an email stating that my exam has been put under Administrative Review and that it could take as long as 20 business days. Very disappointed as round 3 deadlines are approaching - early to mid Feb.
To rectify the situation and get an earlier result, I decided to retake the GMAT at the testing center two days later. Midway through the first section (Quant), I was unexpectedly logged out of the exam. It took us about 5minutes to get back in and once I was back in I noticed that I was very very behind on time, which didnt seem normal. As a result, I wasn't able to finish the section. During the break, I asked the administrator whether the clock had indeed stopped at the time of the issue and she said "Yes." I told her that I was convinced that the clock continued to run since I was significantly way behind on time once the session resumed. She then said that I likely lost "1-2 minutes". I asked if she could go to the tapes to confirm, but she said that they did not have access. On this basis I decided to withdraw from the exam and asked them to open a case with Pearson to investigate asap so that I could retake in the next couple of days. They mentioned that they likely we will take around 7 days to review and validate. The testing center employee told me that this was the first time that such an issue had ever happened to them. I must be one of the most unluckiest guys out there!
Now I am waiting for Pearson to contact me to see when I can reschedule.
The 690 isn't ideal, but I may have to go with it. Based on the events I described, should I be worried that my score becomes invalidated? And has anyone else faced issues at the exam center - how long did it take for Pearson to review and validate the case?
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2022.01.21 11:13 Khaifer LF Volcanion. Trading for any of these

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2022.01.21 11:13 Magic_archer21 Whats the most gears you got from a single box? Mine is 4

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2022.01.21 11:13 Popular-Exchange-963 Question about Residency Halls

Hello everyone! I am a senior who has applied to UMD and I am wondering which residency hall is the best so far? I am hoping to get accepted into UMD and would like to have a dorm with one other person and just one shared bathroom (no communal please). Also, how is the overall college experience at UMD since covid started?
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2022.01.21 11:13 ricardo_mugas Notion on the client

So I am creating a Notion dashboard with a content planner. But I want that every month I release a new feature.
So the people that bought the first version always have access to the new features.
But I want that when I update my features, the content planner stays with the info that every customer has.
Any way to do that in Notion? Or just creating 2 dashboards? One for the content planner and then one for the features that I update every month?

Thank you
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2022.01.21 11:13 _Suumcuique_ Which EU countries should join the Eurozone?

Which countries should join the Eurozone?
View Poll
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2022.01.21 11:13 dydylllll Fire and ice.

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2022.01.21 11:13 CronoDroid Billlie - Episode 3: Today's Peaceful (?) Billlie having a cup of tea @ Billlie Dentity (220121)

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2022.01.21 11:13 SRRana1534 Congratulations to @Artifest_io Reddit Giveaway Winners 🎉 @Jiya1297 @urban_mogli @iliassiliass15 @1randev @UniqueM23 #Artifest #Winners #Crypto 😍🚀🔥💯 @Artifest_io Join Reddit -

Congratulations to @Artifest_io Reddit Giveaway Winners 🎉 @Jiya1297 @urban_mogli @iliassiliass15 @1randev @UniqueM23 #Artifest #Winners #Crypto 😍🚀🔥💯 @Artifest_io Join Reddit - submitted by SRRana1534 to cryptohangout [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 11:13 joesen_one Red Velvet Seulgi & Wendy - What Should I Do? Ep. 2 : Our First Part Time Job! (220121)

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2022.01.21 11:13 JoeScam1 Frost Warden viability in 2022

Hey everyone! So as the title states I’m looking into creating a magden, specifically a frost mage with the new sets and ice abilities. Is it viable in all content of the game/solo content?(with some tweaks). I’m not really looking into doing veteran trials currently so If it can’t do that, that’s okay.
If it’s not really that good what are some other magic based warden builds that you guys have been liking that I should check out!?
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2022.01.21 11:13 DuckinKansas1 Wendell Moore 2021-22 Midseason Highlights

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2022.01.21 11:13 kalabharath 100 years of revenue, guranteed for BionTech

For all the retards who think that the pandemic is over and time to dump the vaccine stocks as they will make no revenue, its time for a history lesson. Sanofi and GSK make $10B a year on a flu pandemic that happened 100 years ago (1918 spanish flu). Covid is not over, the variants are still on the rise. We need boosters forever. The current vaccine makers, specially the mRNA tech based ones are going to make money for the years to follow, I bet for the next century. Out of two mRNA vaccine makers, Moderna ($MRNA) and BionTech ($BNTX), my personal bet is on BionTech,

The insiders didn’t sell a single share Vs Moderna sold around $2B worth.
The CEO, Prof Uğur Şahin is a Professor, oncologist and immunologist, he currently owns 17% of the company, He and his wife, Dr. Özlem Türeci who is also a scientist and physician run the company, she doesn’t own a single share, but in for the science. vs Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel is a harvard MBA.
BNTX make more money than MRNA even after splitting profits from Pfizer.
current EPS $34 vs $16. Current market cap of Biontech is $39B vs $69B for Moderna. Both got corrected 60% from the ATH in the past two months.
Both have Flu + Covid vaccine boosters in the pipeline, capturing market share from Sanofi and GSK.
BNTX have their own manufacturing sites as well as their big daddy Pfizer. Vs moderna contracts out to Swiss company Lonza ( whose share price rose to 50% in past year).
Currently, BNTX only has FDA approval and emergency use authorizations across all age groups 5years+ >. They have approval and supply in over 126 countries. Every soul is a potential customer.
They will have a different pricing for their boosters after the pandemic is over.
BNTX has bigdaddy Pfizer backing, they both are working on Flu and shingles vaccine together with less than a 100 day turnover development time (mRNA tech folks)
BNTX has 26 other pipelines (
The current price is 60% discount from its ATH.
My position
2000 shares in IRA
$200 Leap calls 01/20/23 Expiry
$280 Calls 02/18/2022 Expiry

P.S anti-vaxers can fuck themselves, they get very vocal but they are a minority of 10-20% of population around the globe.
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