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2022.01.21 11:43 dinoscool3 Concerns about Meteprolol ER Succinate

I'm in my mid 20s, with a family history of high BP. When I get measured at the doctors office or when giving blood I normally get around 140/90. Last time I went to the doctors office she had me measure over a week which averaged around 120/75, that was in July 2020. I went back last week and my BP was high again so she prescribed me 25mg Meteprolol ER Succinate. I have no other heart issues though.
I hadn't been able to get to the drug store until yesterday but my BP has been average about 120/79 the last week when taking at home. So I was planning on starting today since I finally got it.
I looked up the drug online and I'm worried about the side effects, and especially getting off the drug, but then I tell myself its such a low dose that I should be okay.

Any experiences with this medicine? Should I be worried or is it truly a small dose?
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2022.01.21 11:43 PVCnews Tommy Jackson, Creator of “Last of Us: Ellie’s Revenge” // Frame & Reference

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2022.01.21 11:43 VickonVolare [FRESH] Jovah - IT Mouthpiece Talk (2022)


For the IT choosers, did I get that right or nah
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2022.01.21 11:43 AppsforAdmins I reviewed an Org Chart and Sales Process tool for Sales Ops professional

Hey everyone - I review apps for the Salesforce ecosystem. My latest video is very Sales Ops centric so I figured I'd share it with you all. I did a short review (~5min) of an app called Squivr. It's a really impressive Org Chart and Sales tool for Salesforce. The Org Chart is dynamic and gives lots of context to its users and the Sales process tool lets team members easily follow their sales framework (i.e, BANT, MEDDIC, etc.) in Salesforce. Hope you enjoy

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2022.01.21 11:43 Ok-Development-5805 "Tell Me, How Do You Sleep at Night Knowing What You Did to Me?": The Unsolved Murder of 5-year-old Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan

"We will find out who did it, and you will see judgement day," said Nevaeh's great Aunt Diana Lawson. (quote source)
February 3, 2004
Beautiful Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan blessed her parents Jennifer Buchanan and Shane Hinojosa in Monroe, Michigan and changed their lives forever. She was described as a little "tomboy" who hated dresses and was very fond of the look and sound motorcycles; She even has a motorcycle on her headstone. One of her favorite movies to watch was "The Jungle Book", and it was always on repeat.(source) Nevaeh was described as "having a smile that would warm the room, a personality that could tame the wildest heart, and a love for life that was only second to her love of family". She loved preschool and was a great student. Nevaeh had also made a new best friend named Austin; He lived in the same apartment complex as her.
Naveah would have been 18 this year. Officially considered an adult. However, this poor child wouldn't even make it to kindergarten before her life was tragically and horrifically cut short. This is the unsolved murder of Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan. (source)
May 24, 2009. Memorial Day Weekend. Monroe, Michigan.
It was a warm spring day in Monroe, Michigan and 5-year-old Nevaeh Amyah Buchanan was playing with other children, going into and out of the apartments in Charlotte Arms where she lived with her mother, Jennifer, and her grandmother and legal guardian, Sherry. Around 6:30pm, Nevaeh told her mother that she was going to play with a friend upstairs in the same unit where they lived. Nevaeh was last seen wearing a light blue shirt with red and white horizontal stripes and a white V-neck collar and jean shorts; She was not wearing shoes or socks. When it was time for dinner, a child told Jennifer that Nevaeh had actually been playing outside on her scooter. "She wasn't supposed to be outside," Jennifer Buchanan said. "She was supposed to be upstairs at a neighbor's playing with her friend at their place." (source) . She began searching for her around 7pm. The only trace of Nevaeh was her tricycle, sitting abandoned on the edge of the driveway.
After an hour of searching, 911 was called and a large-scale search for Nevaeh was ensued, including the K-9 unit and helicopters, as well as officers and volunteers, citizens of Monroe. A nearby quarry was searched by divers and sonar equipment. (source) All 180 apartments were searched and residents were questioned. The only possible witness was Tim Finley, who had visited his sister who lived at the complex. He left the apartments around 7pm and he said he hadn't noticed any children playing outside, but did see a "little red car" speed out of the complex parking lot. (source) Other then his sighting, no one saw or heard anything.
Around 12:30am May 25, an Amber Alert was issued for her.
June 4, 2009. River Raisin. 10 Days after Nevaeh Disappeared.
Around 9:30am, two fishermen spent their morning fishing at the River Raisin riverbank near Dixon Road, about 10 miles from Charlotte Arms Apartments. While fishing on the rocks, the fishermen noticed a concrete block. At one point, one of the men stumbled on the concrete and a piece of it gave way, revealing a heartbreaking sight: human remains. Flies immediately swarmed to the exposed skin, and the two fishermen called the police. The clothes matched what Nevaeh was last seen wearing. It didn't take long for body to be identified, but they had to wait for DNA to confirm.
It's important to note that the concrete/cement was not mixed properly. Nevaeh's body floated to the surface of the cement, revealing an imprint of her little body. The cement had also chipped away and crumbled easily. If the cement would have been mixed correctly, her body might have never been found.
The autopsy revealed that Nevaeh had died of asphyxiation after finding dirt in her nose, lungs, and windpipe (source). Manner of death, homicide. (source) To make the matter worse, there is a possibility little Nevaeh had been buried face-down in the makeshift cement grave, alive. However, in the autopsy report, it could not be determined whether she was in fact buried alive, or had her face forcibly held down in dirt. Either way, Nevaeh had died by inhaling dirt. Police say there were no signs of abuse and that she had been buried there "for a while". Her body was heavily decomposed. There was no mention of sexual abuse in the autopsy report. (source)
Noteworthy, brown carpet fibers were found on her body (possibly underneath her fingernails, but I've only seen one source with this information. (source) (I also get some information from NewsLibrary, but only excerpts because of a paywall. Will give credit in next parenthesis) (Detroit News, The: Web Edition Articles (MI) - July 16, 2009 Nevaeh investigators probe carpet fibers, Samples removed from apartment where slain girl lived.)
June 13, 2009. Her Funeral.
Around 700 people attended Nevaeh's funeral, expressing their remorse and sorrow for "Monroe's Little Angel". “That one little girl was so powerful, she brought the community together,” said the Rev. Dale Hayford. Nevaeh's love for motorcycles was honored immensely. Nine officers on motorcycles led her to her final resting place. Her hearse was pulled by a Harley-Davidson, her favorite kind of motorcycle. Another 60 motorcycles and 100 cars followed behind. At St. Joseph Cemetary, around 500 mourners looked on her grave site as the funeral director released a white dove into the sky. (source)
A memorial erected where Nevaeh's body was found. Leaving stuffed animals, a wooden cross with her name, balloons. Fishermen don't normally go there after what happened. The two fishermen that found her body often tend to the spot where she was found, so people never forget.
Did you notice that Nevaeh's name is "Heaven" spelled backwards? (Not to bring my emotions or religion into the post, but I like to think that is where she is. I like to think that Nevaeh is in Heaven.)
The Investigation
Before Nevaeh's body would be found, police had already arrested two persons of interest: convicted sex offenders George Kennedy and Roy Lee Smith. Rumors swirled that Jennifer and Kennedy were romantically involved, but she shot these rumors down. However, she did state that Nevaeh did look at Kennedy like a father figure, calling him "Daddy George" (source). Jennifer was introduced to Smith through Kennedy. Even though she was aware of their sex offender statuses, she overlooked them but "always kept her guard up about that". With a search warrant, police searched the motel and van where Kennedy resided and found a blood soaked towel and tool, shorts, and photos of a young girl, but nothing to connect him to Nevaeh. (Noteworthy, there are reports that Kennedy did work with cement. There was also a cement company behind where Kennedy was residing). Both men were arrested for violating their probation by being around a child and were never officially named suspects in Nevaeh's disappearance. No evidence was found to suggest their involvement in Nevaeh's murder. (source)
Police have since shifted their focus away from the two sex offenders. "We are looking in a different direction in recent months, based on our investigation," said Detective Sgt. Heath Velliquette. (source)
There was a third man, James Easter, who was named a person of interest by police. After being interrogated by police, Easter built a fire in his backyard and burnt some of his property. He was arraigned on arson charges. (source)
Police also were looking for a green mini-van that was seen at the Hollywood School at the time of Nevaeh's disappearance. Authorities were seeking information from the driver regards to seeing anything that night. (source) Also, the article mentions two young boys that police questioned about the night of her disappearance. "The Nevaeh Buchanan Task Force, composed of the FBI, Michigan State Police, Monroe County Sheriff's Department and Monroe Police Department, identified the two boys, who were seen playing at the Hollywood School playground near the girl's apartment complex last Sunday. Authorities want to question the boys, believed to be 7-10 years old, to determine if they witnessed anything related to the girl's disappearance."(source) Again, I didn't see any follow ups about this. (source)
(Now, of course I take news articles that don't even spell the victims name right with a grain-of-salt, but I thought that this was important to add. Also, this is the only article/report that I have seen with this information so, like I said, take it lightly. Take this information as you will. (source))
A woman (her identity was never revealed) had come forward and said that the day before Nevaeh's disappearance, she had seen Nevaeh "looking at various cars in the parking lot. There was this black car she was trying to deflate from the tires.“ The woman had said she never saw the black car before, and it stayed in the lot until the next day: the day Nevaeh disappeared. According to the article, police received a complaint May 23, 3.2 miles away from Charlotte Arms in Greenwick Commons, about a man driving a black Grand Prix who had revealed his penis to two children asking them "Have you seen one of these?". The man was Paul Miller Jr. Investigators interviewed Miller’s mother and father, "who told police that his son would wake up in the morning and take a shower and would not return until late at night. They also said he was a friend of Roy Lee Smith, driving a black car, fishing in various places around Monroe." (source) Miller plead guilty to obscene acts. I have not seen any follow ups regarding Miller and his connection to Nevaeh.
And the most current update: in 2014, Monroe's local paper revealed that police believe an unnamed man currently in prison for domestic abuse charges was a likely person of interest in Nevaeh's murder. (source) They do not have enough evidence to convict him or press charges.
It has been 13 years since Nevaeh's kidnapping and murder, and there have been no arrests, no suspects, nothing. Nevaeh's distant cousin Risa Smith has been searching for answers to Nevaeh's case since Day 1. She runs "Justice for Nevaeh" on Facebook and has given multiple interviews/quotes. Risa also keeps binders of notes and information regarding her case. "Smith says the place where Nevaeh's body was not easy to get to, and finds it hard to believe that no one saw anything regarding her disappearance." (source). Carla Nash, Nevaeh's paternal grandmother, believes that Nevaeh knew her murderer (source), and she's not the only one. Sherry Buchanan also believes Nevaeh knew her killer. "Nevaeh had to know this person for her to go with that person. Everybody around that apartment said they heard no screaming or nothing"(source) Who could have possibly abducted Nevaeh in broad daylight without anybody noticing? "Everyone that we talked to said she was very shy and she would not go up to someone she did not know," Risa Smith says. "No one we talked to said they heard a kid crying or screaming or asking for help. Did she know this person and that's why she willingly went? DID she willingly go? Nobody knows that." (source)
To this day, there have been no arrests. No suspects. No updates. Nevaeh's murder remains unsolved and her case still lacks justice. Nevaeh deserves justice. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the detective's bureau at 734-240-7530 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-773-2587. Anything helps.
There is a lot of inconsistent information regarding Nevaeh's murder. Some articles include James Easter as a person of interest, others just name George Kennedy and Roy Lee Smith as persons of interest. Some articles say she was found June 5, others June 4. The lack of consistent information leads to speculation and incorrectness that can jeopardize the investigation and lead to speculation. I tried to keep the information as consistent as possible and cited my sources. I can only hope that I did Nevaeh justice. I wanted to keep this respectful.
Now, I didn't include evidence found in the write up because I've seen many different things. Some articles state there was a Busch beer can, a cigarette butt, and a 90 lb bag of ready mix cement found at the scene. I only saw two sources that stated they found carpet fibers on her body.
Below are more sources:
Reddit write up from 4 years ago
Voices for Justice Podcast
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2022.01.21 11:43 dumnezero How to make infrastructure more resilient against climate change (ASCE)

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2022.01.21 11:43 VeeBeeA Pivot table Calculated Field - how can I add the grand total of an existing field into the calculated field formula?

So say "Sales" is an existing value column in the pivot table.
The formula in the calculated field is ='Sales'*(24000000/19080535)
$19,080,535 is the Grand Total of Sales that I manually entered into the formula.
Is there I can way to write the formula so if the grand total changes, the calculated field will as well?
Even better, is there a way I can also add a cell on the sheet to replace the manual $24,000,000 in the calculated field?
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2022.01.21 11:43 PaperCutsRock Me and my friends breakdown using the bathroom during movies & Thanos being arrested by the cops all while kickin ass as our favorite spider man. We hope you enjoy the new episode!

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2022.01.21 11:43 Tobor-8th-Man Screen protector - yes/no?

Just bought a Mars 3. Haven't used it yet because I'm waiting on a Wham Bam flex plate. Experienced with FDM but not resin so watching lots of how to videos. Saw that some people use screen protectors. They seem like a no brainer, much like flex plates and wash & cure stations but I wonder about any side effects on the quality of UV light transmission and print quality.
For those who use then:-
Are changes to settings required to compensate?
Any brand recommendations? I saw someone was using iPad screen protectors (not for Mars).
Anything else I should be aware of?
Of course, if there are reasons not to use them, please let me know too.
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2022.01.21 11:43 EmuAvailable Was sind die schlimmsten Floskeln?

Ich hasse ja wenn jemand im Gespräch „in Anführungszeichen“ sagt (zusätzlich die Anführungszeichen mit den Fingern machen bekomm ich gleich nen Kotzkrampf).
Oder auf die Frage, bis wann etwas denn fertig sein müsse: „Am liebsten gestern“.
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2022.01.21 11:43 VirtuaLich_prgm Small RP server ARG problem

Someone finally brought ARG stuff into our server. Does anyone know what this is?
Hades. Clymenus. 5 52 80 68 61 92 October 5 36 61 86 92 96 October January
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2022.01.21 11:43 Aczidraindrop Started on antidepressants and continuing therapy. Since I've stopped drinking this is my first true attempt at getting my mental health under control.

I really don't have much else to say but this sub has been so helpful in my sober journey I just thought it would be good to share. I'm working on the issues that contributed to my drinking. Still sober. Trying to help normalize mental health issues and care. Thank you guys for always being awesome.
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2022.01.21 11:43 tsuchibones Little detail- when the Gang visits the Wiz shop, their reflections in the glass are Black

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2022.01.21 11:43 Detroitrox Looking for either of these cupcake dispensers! Please lmk if you have available- have tons to offer!

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